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Our students represent a diverse group of learners with one thing in common: the drive to succeed. Learn about their experiences and how FIU Online helped them achieve their goals.

7 Reasons Students are Going Back to School Online

FIU’s typical online learner may have finished high school years ago—it’s the mom who didn’t finish what she started, the executive looking for a promotion, the nurse looking to increase her opportunities, etc. There are many reasons to seek a degree. Discover the top seven reasons according to learners enrolled with FIU Online.



How to Prepare for Online Classes

For fully online students, the first semester can be bumpy if they don’t prepare themselves. The following article compiles 10 things you need to know to make your performance online as successful as it can be.



What Online Learning is Like for Parents

Many FIU Online students are parents who work. In this article, we hear from three students who describe their balancing act with online learning.



Online Learning: A Father’s Point of View

For Scott Christopher, online learning with Florida International University was the best choice. Getting ready to graduate with his master’s degree, he recounts his experience as a dad and student and explains what it’s really been like.



5 Ways to Transition to Online Learning With FIU

Of Florida International University’s more than 57,000 students, approximately 42,000 students a year access at least one class online. Learn five ways to transition to online learning successfully from our FIU Online success coach team.



Your 15-Point Student Checklist

For those who are new to online learning, finding your rhythm may be stressful to start with. Understanding this, we’ve pulled together 15 of our best tips from the FIU Online success coaches, alumni, and even current fully online students.



5 Ways to Feel More Connected

One of the greatest challenges to online learning is human relations. How do students get “plugged in” so their educational journey doesn’t feel lonely, digital and inhuman? Find out what students say works for them and about the exciting programs FIU Online is piloting.



The New Normal Student

Florida International University knows that today’s students are far from “normal.” Through online education, the university works hard to serve its nontraditional students who work, live at home, need to be part-time students, and cannot come to campus.



Freedom to Roam

Florida International University's fully online degree programs allow students to continue studies, work, and travel, without missing a beat.



Finding Purpose in No Time

For Karine, the next step past her community college math course was the one-yearPharmacy Technician Online Certification Training Program offered through FIU Online. Having completed the training, she knows she’ll land the perfect job.



Entrepreneurship or Academic Achievement

Javier Sales Rosado’s story is like that of so many college entrepreneurs who hope to complete a degree, but not at the expense of building a career or business. FIU Online offered him the access and flexibility needed to meet the demands of his dynamic lifestyle.



Having the Will and Finding a Way

With so many stops and starts, teen mom Allison faced many obstacles when she pursued her education. She didn’t give up, however, and found that her fully online psychology program gave her the freedom to be a mom and deal with her pre-teen’s needs. 



On Her Time

Some days, she thought about giving up. But that was not an option for her. Ana graduated from high school, earned her bachelor’s degree from FIU and now she has an eye on graduation for her master’s degree, which will happen soon.



Academic Do-over

Maria Dawson-Torres was one semester from earning her bachelor’s degree when she learned she’d have to start over. Then she restarted it – with the help of FIU Online.



A New Calling

Aaron had no career plans. But then the Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications program at FIU Online offered new possibilities.



Their Struggle is Her Strength

Natasha Quesada teaches kindergarten through third grade in Miami and her classes are dedicated to students with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD). Quesada is now on her way to earning her online master’s degree in Special Education. Her reason? To gain the knowledge and skills needed to help this very deserving population of students who shouldn’t be defined by their behavior. They’re simply students who need someone to care, she said.

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6 Tips for New and Continuing Online Students!

Whether you are a new or returning student, the beginning of a new school year, the fall semester, is likely to carry with it some anxious moments.

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5 Things My Online Education Gives Me by Stacey Fleurijean

When life had other plans, Stacey Fleurijean found a way to fulfill her educational dreams with FIU Online. With a husband in the military, her life turned upside down when a job change took her family overseas. But a relocation didn’t stop her from earning a degree. FIU Online offered her the portability she needed to make it all work.

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From RN to BSN Online - An up-close and personal Q&A

For Miclide Joseph, Florida International University’s fully online RN to BSN program became the game changer for her career. The program, designed specifically for working registered nurses, can help you leap forward in your career, boost your marketability, expand your skills, and increase your value to your employers. Read what Joseph has to say about her experience in this candid interview.

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Healthcare MBA: The Best of Both Worlds

Today’s everchanging healthcare field needs leaders who can navigate the business side of healthcare organizations and provide forward-thinking vision to ensure the highest possible customer service, safety and patient outcomes. See why one student decided that FIU’s online Healthcare MBA was the right choice for him and learn more about the program.

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HR as Strategic Partner: Are You Ready?

Today’s human resources offices are tasked with so many different responsibilities from onboarding to nurturing employee wellness. In essence, today’s HR professionals resemble company consultants who can help shape and company’s direction and vision. See why one student chose to further her education with an online Human Resource Management master’s degree from FIU.

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A Father’s Commitment to His Only Daughter

In July 2018, after just ten months, Benjamin Paul graduated with a master’s degree in marketing from Florida International University (FIU). The pace at which he completed his degree is all the more impressive when you learn he was working full time as a career specialist at a local college. But more impressively, he did it as a single father.

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Against All Odds, Lauren Apodaca Graduates with Help from FIU Online

In January 2011, during her first year of college at another university, Lauren Apodaca was struggling with severe anxiety when, one night, she felt a tingling sensation in her legs. As time went on, walking became increasingly difficult. One day, as she slogged her way to class, she passed out.

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Support, Every Step of the Way

At the 2017 FIU commencement ceremony, Jess Barnett met Kimberly Noy for the first time, in person, outside the Ocean Bank Convocation Center. Kimberly was an FIU Online Student Success Coach. “You have no idea how much your help meant to me,” he told her.

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