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Online Learning Helps Those who are Busy

by Monica Smith

Aug 06, 2019, 9:00 AM.


Modern lives are inherently busy. For nontraditional students, work- and home life may seem all too consuming to consider pursuing a college degree. Many of today’s students have lives that prevent a full-time, face-to-face program. In these cases, online learning can help offer a level of flexibility so education can fit into the daily routine. Florida International University’s online programs offer greater access to learners as it makes students’ dreams a reality…on their time.


Miclide Joseph knows, firsthand, about being busy and the need for an advanced degree in her industry. She’s an alumnus of the College of Nursing and is proud of the day she decided to move forward with her education.

“I decided to earn my BSN because at the time, I was having a lot of difficulty getting a full-time position as an RN and I wanted a stable nursing job. I chose FIU Online because it offered online convenience and I was working part-time, so that was important to me. Because of this, I was interested in the online program because there was no commute. I did most of my work at home,” she explained.

M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction

With more than 100 fully online degrees, FIU offers learners a myriad of choices and each college at FIU strives to find the best plan for each individual learner. This is the case within the College of Arts, Sciences and Education.

“The curriculum and instruction program at FIU is so convenient for working teachers. The program had a very easy enrolling process,” said Amanda Ramirez, who is currently enrolled online. 

Ramirez stated that administrators and advisors helped her through the entire enrollment process and continue to check in on her to ensure she is doing well as she progresses through the entire program. She’s grateful for their attention.

“The teachers were helpful and when there was an issue, the director was easily accessible. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to work in curriculum and even as a district personnel, especially in urban areas,” added Ramirez. 

B.S. in Internet of Things

Even for technical degrees like the bachelor’s degree in internet of things, the support is there, according to Alexandria Segovia, a recent FIU graduate. Segovia had fun working on her lab kit, which helped her with hands-on assignments. 

“I 100% recommend the program. I’ve had online classes before and they sometimes seem like a lot of work. For me, I was more engaged online than in person. I could understand the material better, and rewind and play lessons again to understand concepts,” said Segovia, whose busy life included working while going to school. Segovia, for her accomplishments, was also recognized at commencement as an FIU Worlds Ahead graduate. This distinction is only bestowed on learners who exhibit outstanding perseverance, intelligence and personal strength during their time with FIU.

Master of Public Health

For Daniel Holland, life has become even more busy as he recently enlisted and is a Captain in the U.S. Army. Holland, a fully online Master of Public Health student, resides in Connecticut. He’s also a consultant, medical writer and pharmacist. Almost halfway through his program, he’s been able to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. Soon, he’ll be stationed for duty and will need to find a practicum nearby, but he would not be able to continue his education and take it with him if it were not fully online.

“Flexibility by both time and location is critical. The fully online aspect is key as well,” asserted Holland.

Whether a student is part-time, long-distance learner, active in the military or living in the suburbs of South Florida, FIU Online offers the ability to make a college degree a priority—regardless of the busyness of life. 

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