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From RN to BSN Online

by Monica Smith

Jun 17, 2019, 9:00 AM.

An up-close and personal Q&A.

Editor’s note: Sometimes it’s good to hear from those who have been through things so they can tell you their thoughts and impressions. In this Q&A, we’ve interviewed Miclide Joseph, a very successful graduate of Florida International University’s fully online RN to BSN program. The program, designed specifically for working registered nurses, can be the game changer for you. Like it did for Miclide, the program can help you leap forward in your career, boost your marketability, expand your skills, and increase your value to your employers. But don’t take our word for it, see what Joseph has to say about her experience in this candid interview.

Q: Why did you decide to earn your BSN?

A: “I decided to earn my BSN because at the time, I was having a lot of difficulty getting a full-time position as an RN and I wanted a stable nursing job. I chose FIU Online because it offered online convenience and I was working part-time, so that was important to me. Because of this, I was interested in the online program because there was no commute. I did most of my work at home.”

Q: What did you like about the program?

A: “I was able to cut some of the classes and credits through the Excelsior tests. I earned credit for doing the tests instead of doing classes and this worked well for me. Professor Bonnie Hammack had the biggest impact on me. She was available for questions and she was nice and positive. She was always interested in my success and the success of all of her students.”

Q: What did you learn from your experience in the program?

A: “The greatest lesson I learned from my experience in the RN to BSN program is that it is possible to make it at FIU even though it is a lot of work. It was fine and worth it. It was doable. I always let people know about the program. It was not hard, but it was not easy either, it was medium. What I would tell someone considering earning an RN to BSN degree is go to FIU—it’s convenient, local, cost-effective, and they will help you. When I needed support, I went to FIU’s writing lab. I always used to visit the writing center and I would go there two or three times to get help with my papers. They always gave a lot of support and helped me succeed.”

Q: Did your program help you with your career?

A: “The degree has helped me a lot. I earned my BSN degree in April and by September, I got a full-time position within a hospital. Before, it was not possible for me, I was unable to get the job I wanted, it was difficult without the BSN degree. With my degree, I’ve been able to move on and work full-time in a hospital. But I wanted more, so I’m now back at FIU earning my graduate degree to become a family nurse practitioner and I know I can do it with FIU.”

The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences (NWCNHS) advisors are ready to help guide you through the application process and answer all of your questions. For more information, visit; email onlineprograms@fiu.edul; or call (305) 348-3125.

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