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Hey, fully online undergrad students! Did you know you have an entire team dedicated to your success?

From finances and time management to career services and even health and wellness support, you have a dedicated FIU Online Success Coach that will work with you to remove hurdles and build a plan that leads you to graduation. Plus, they’re “all things FIU” experts that can connect you with invaluable university resources to help you get the most out of your FIU student experience.

What is an FIU Online Success Coach?

Success Coaches help undergraduate FIU Online students throughout their journey. From adjusting to a new fully online learning experience to navigating hurdles and exploring opportunities, Success Coaches help our students create a plan to work towards their goals, while maximizing the resources and services available to them. Here are some of the topics we review in our coaching conversations:

Learning How to Succeed Online

  • Time Management
  • Study Approaches
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication Support

Connecting to University Resources

  • Panther Den
  • Tutoring
  • Online Librarians
  • Career Services

Goal Setting & Professional Development

Coaching Through Course-Related Challenges

Where do I find my FIU Online Success Coach?

Fully online students have the ability to look up their designated success coach, view their coach's contact details, and directly submit requests to them by going to, logging in to their FIU account, and performing a success coach lookup.





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