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What are proctored exams?

Proctored exams are supervised exams. Check your course syllabus to find out if any of your exams require a proctor.

How do I arrange to take a proctored exam?

The following options may be available to you for taking a proctored exam. Be sure to confirm with the instructor of your course to verify which options are supported in your course.

  • On the FIU campus (typically the Modesto Maidique Campus).
  • Through an FIU-approved virtual proctoring center, such as ProctorU or Honorlock. You are responsible for any associated fees.
  • At an approved proctoring center, which you can find through the National College Testing Association.

Student Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the exam dates, times, and locations in order to make appropriate arrangements.

Students who choose to take an exam at an approved proctoring center must:

  • Notify their professor before the final add/drop date of their intention to take the exam at an approved proctoring center.
  • Locate an approved proctoring center.
  • Complete and submit the Proctoring Center Request form to your instructor, which is found on the left side navigation of your Canvas course. If you are unable to find the link in your course, please contact your instructor directly. The Proctoring Center Request must be approved by your instructor.
  • Provide the exam schedule to the approved proctoring center.
  • Ensure that the proctor is able to administer the exam within the exam window set by your professor.
  • Ensure that the proctor has the ability to use the required technology if necessary.
  • Pay any fees that may be charged by the proctoring center.

Students who choose to take an exam through ProctorU or Honorlock should refer to instructions in their course for details regarding registration, scheduling, and taking their exam.


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