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5 Ways to Transition to Online Learning With FIU

by Monica Smith

Jun 17, 2019, 9:00 AM.


Of Florida International University’s more than 57,000 students, approximately 42,000 students a year access at least one class online. While this may be an eye-opening revelation for some, FIU’s learners know that if there’s a dream, the university can help them find a way either on land or through the cloud.

For those who are new to the online learning arena, there can be a transitionary period when going from on-campus to online classes. Knowing this, FIU has a unique success coach program for its fully online students. Every incoming fully online student is assigned a personal success coach who will help guide them from application to graduation. Here are five of their best online learning transition tips that students, regardless of program or degree type, can benefit from.

1. Use your syllabus to plan.

Every course has a syllabus that maps out the entire course from start to finish. The syllabus will also tell you what is expected of you and include deadlines, project descriptions, and grading rubrics. Read your entire syllabus and mark down all of the important dates. Know what you have coming up so there are no surprises.

2. Stick to a schedule.

Every course will be unique; however, you will need to set aside quality time to review all of the assignments and study. Create a routine and block off time. Whether you do an hour before work, at lunch, or in between making dinner and doing laundry, stay focused and make your coursework a priority.

3. Avoid procrastination.

While online offers you the flexibility to access your coursework any time of day, you still have to be disciplined enough to keep up and make the grade. Online coursework is just as rigorous as on-campus courses. If you procrastinate, you may lose the chance to do your best and receive assistance that will help you.

4. Make connections.

You are not alone. With connections, you’ll be able to carry a larger load. Let the FIU Online success coaches guide you to resources you may need. Your success coach can help you create strategies to make sure you maximize your collegiate experience. They can also offer you individualized support in your personal, educational and career growth, and provide you referrals to appropriate university resources, including important community resources. Also, reach out and speak to your classmates. Create a chat group for support.

5. Get involved.

With online education, there are challenges with student engagement that require alternative thinking and resources in order to maximize support and offerings that will rival those that are available to on-campus students. In an effort to replicate this on-campus student life experience, FIU devised a new online “hub” called Panther Den to assist its growing online student community. Panther Den offers direct access to some of the most useful resources the university offers in the online format. Through Panther Den, you can become aware of university news with student media. You may also find and subscribe to tutoring resources through Panther Den, exercise videos, podcasts, and more. (New features are constantly added.)

While there are many ways to accomplish your online learning goals, these five ways will help you transition to online learning easily and help make you successful.

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