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It’s a great time to finish what you started. We’re ready to welcome you back. With more online degree offerings, there are many educational paths to choose from.


Graduate Degree-Seeking Students

Step 1:   Determine your degree of interest.

Step 2:   Speak to our enrollment team. The readmission process varies depending on the graduate program and the courses you have completed. Call us today at 1-855-976-3581, or email:

Undergraduate Degree Seeking Students

Step 1:  See if you qualify. Are you an admitted undergraduate degree-seeking student, who has not enrolled in any course at the University for three (3) or more consecutive terms, excluding military withdrawals? If yes, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:   Apply for readmission.

Step 3:   Apply for Undergraduate Academic Amnesty or Salvage   (Details of these policies are listed below).

Undergraduate Academic Amnesty

Formerly fully admitted FIU undergraduate students who left the University with a GPA below 2.0 and have not enrolled in any university or college for at least five calendar years may apply for Academic Amnesty when submitting a readmission application.

Policy:  Readmitted students with Academic Amnesty will begin with a 0.0 GPA. No grades previously earned will be included in the University GPA. However, credit and GPA for previous University courses, in which a grade of "C" or better was earned may be applied toward a degree, subject to determination by the college of the student's major. All prior courses attempted and grades received will be on the student's transcript. Students applying for Academic Amnesty to a limited access program must meet the admission criteria of the program. Admitted students may not petition for any retroactive change in their academic record.

Undergraduate Academic Salvage

Formerly fully admitted FIU undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed from the University or have a GPA below 2.0, and have received an AA degree from another Florida public institution of higher learning may apply to Academic Salvage.

Policy:  If readmitted to FIU under Academic Salvage, students will begin with a new FIU GPA of 0.0 and will be credited with a maximum of 60 semester credit hours. Students must follow the regular readmission application process and complete the Salvage form for consideration to be determined by the student's academic dean.





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