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6 Tips for New and Continuing Online Students!

by Vanessa Perez

Jun 24, 2019, 9:00 AM.

Whether you are a new or returning student, the beginning of a new school year, the fall semester, is likely to carry with it some anxious moments.

For FIU Online students, these moments can be made more manageable with a few key pieces of advice from our FIU Online Student Success Team. Check out these 6 tips for helping you navigate the start of the term:

1. Keep your Calendar Handy:

Print or keep handy the Academic Calendar. This calendar includes all the important dates a student may want to keep up with (Stephanie Pacheco, Success Coach).


2. Log in on Day 1:

Log in on day one and review all your syllabi. Make sure to take a look at what is due and when, as well as keeping in mind any other obligations you have throughout the semester whether it be work, family, vacation, etc. That way you are best prepared to start the semester on the right foot! (Janessa Guzman, Success Coach).


3. Check your Emails Regularly:

It can be easy to feel disconnected from the university, so making sure you're up to date on your correspondences is key to your success. Your FIU Online Success Coaches regularly send handy tips to keep you on track. (Jennifer Lopez, Success Coach).


4. Utilize your Success Coach:

FIU Online Success Coaches are your support system at FIU Online and are there to make sure you are on track to succeed, leveraging different resources to ensure your overall education experience and learning. (Martha Campos, Success Coach).


5. Leverage your Canvas Dashboard Tools:

Smart Thinking, the Online Writing Lab, and Health Service are just some of the tools available on your dashboard - put them to work for you. If you are not seeing help that you need on your dashboard reach out to a success coach. (Eduardo Leon, Success Coach).


6. Know the Policies and Procedures for Online Learning:

Being an online student can feel overwhelming without the face-to-face classroom environment. While much of the policies and procedures that govern in-person learning still apply, be sure to check with your success coach for help staying on top of policies and procedures and ensuring you have the best eLearning experience possible. (Eathenea West, Success Coach).


If all else fails, be sure to reach out to FIU Online’s 24/7 help line at 1.855.FIU.ONLINE (1.855.464.0406).


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