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Read the latest happenings at FIU Online and how we continue to be at the forefront of online education to provide access, opportunity and the highest quality online experience to all our students.

Man With a Mission

Richard Casper has a message to share. As a veteran, he understands the power of education in the transition to civilian life. His education story is a journey of healing.



FIU Among the Best Online Programs for Veterans

U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Florida International University’s online programs among the best online programs worldwide for veterans. The recognition underscores the institution’s commitment to quality education and support for veterans.



Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage During Tost.AI.da Tuesday

While there’s a kind of psychology for every type of condition, at the May 2019 FIU Office of Engagement Tost.AI.ada Tuesday event, a new kind was introduced: machine psychology delivered by "artificial intelligence (AI) whisperers."



5 Ways FIU Serves Today’s Students

FIU understands the changing face of today’s students and their life demands and is addressing these needs through online degree programs in five unique ways.



Top 10 Ways FIU is Changing Online Education

Florida International University is shaping online education in many ways. Here are the top 10 ways the university is helping students succeed.



FIU Adds AI to Online Education

As Florida International University continually seeks ways to close gaps for its students, the institution made the digital leap into the future with a pilot program that features artificial intelligence (AI) in one of its online business courses to close the gap between man and machine.



Demand Driven

To serve its rapidly expanding population of working learners, Florida International University has grown its online learning offerings to more than 100 fully online degrees and continues to add new programs relevant to today’s workforce. Working learners reap the benefits of a more dynamic and engaging learning environment that compliments their current lifestyle needs as they prepare for future careers.


Where Pedagogy is the Driver and Technology is the Accelerator

Annual FIU Online Con 2018 conference empowered faculty with training on new instructional technology to help enrich online courses and engagement.



STEM, Women and Minorities: What’s the big deal?

For two decades, FIU Online has provided online learning to its diverse student population based on the demand within the nation’s workforce. Today, the push for engineering graduates is stronger than ever with initiatives at the federal and state levels. FIU is answering the call with fully online programs that will help develop the problem solvers of tomorrow.

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FIU Online Programs Top-Ranked in the Nation

As Miami’s first and only public research university, FIU added new top-tier rankings and gains from U.S. News and World Report for many of its online programs. The 2018 rankings are a testament to the university’s enduring commitment to quality online learning and places the university’s degrees among the best in the U.S.

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FIU News: FIU joins national movement to reduce cost of books

FIU Online launched the Affordability Counts initiative to help ease the costs students incur when they enroll in classes. The program recognizes faculty who are helping reduce the cost of course materials for students. Affordability Counts recognized courses cap class materials at $60 or less. Faculty use open education resources and open source textbooks instead.

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FIU News: FIU Online offers student-centered, customized classes

FIU Online partnered with Realizeit, a company that provides adaptive learning software. Considered by many the next step of online learning, adaptive learning is a method that uses technology to create an environment where students can learn at their own pace and have course content customized for them. Learn more on how e-learning is becoming even more personalized.

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