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5 Degrees You Can Travel the World With

by Monica Smith

Oct 10, 2019, 9:00 AM.

Several of FIU’s online undergrad degrees have a global focus.

If you love to travel and want a career that will take you places, a degree with a global focus may help you find a job with a multinational company. 

Florida International University offers many undergraduate programs that have global learning elements built into the curriculum to prepare learners for careers all over the world. Here are five undergraduate degrees FIU Online students can consider to expand their horizons and use to gain employment in the U.S. or even abroad.

B.A. in Asian Studies

If you want to make an impact in Asia’s markets, you’ll need a primer that will teach you the history of the region to the current geopolitical situation of this part of the world. Asia is a significant emerging market and is poised to capture double-digit growth rates in the worldwide e-commerce scene. In response to the need for knowledge on this developing economy, Asian studies at FIU grew from a certificate program to full bachelor’s degree and is available 100% online.

“Since I came to FIU from Pennsylvania State University in 1997, Asian studies has grown from a glint in the eye to a major, continually growing, program,” said Steven Heine, professor and director of the program. Heine emphasized that the success of the program is because of the great support it has from external organizations and businesses in the community.

B.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Situated at the “gateway” Latin America and the Caribbean, FIU can draw from the best first-hand resources. Aside from this, according to Joseph Holbrook, Ph.D., director of academic programs at the Latin American and Caribbean Center, there are many reasons to study Latin America and the Caribbean including the art, people, politics, economics and culture of the regions. 

“Florida is positioned to prepare young professionals for careers oriented toward Latin America,” asserted Holbrook. The program can also be added as a second major, he said. “The online program requirements combine easily with almost any other major.”

B.A. in History

A bachelor’s degree in history is perhaps one of the best all-around degrees to pursue for a career in either the public or private sectors. History studies past human experience in all its imaginable aspects: economic, social, political, cultural, intellectual, scientific and technological. Because of this, the bachelor’s degree is applicable to many professions in the arts and humanities, education and training, communications and media, as well as administration and management, worldwide. History can influence our understanding of current events, as such, it is a valuable degree in government. While most historians find work in academia, there are many other careers that can be pursued such as journalist, writer, editor, publisher, archivist preservation/restoration assistant; librarian, museum curator, lawyer, paralegal, historian, and historic sites researcher.

B.A. in Religious Studies

Religion is intertwined in every aspect of our world, and a bachelor's degree in religious studies prepares learners for any career where there is interaction with people from other cultures and faiths. Graduates of FIU’s fully online program have sought international careers in counseling, education, business, law or medicine, and many have pursued the degree as a second major in a related field. Popular employers include churches, museums, universities, schools, non-profit organizations, the United Nations, and the federal government.

B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the ongoing headlines on gender, FIU’s B.A. in Women and Gender Studies has experienced a great increase in interest. The fully online program offers students an opportunity to participate in the advancement of women, diversity, equity and LGBTQ+ visibility, worldwide.

“In the past academic year, 8,638 students were enrolled in CWGS courses,” said Yesim Darici, Ph.D., director of Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, professor of physics, and assistant provost to STEM. She added that CWGS is ranked one of the top 10 academic departments for advancing Global Learning at FIU.

Global Learning Medallion

Another way for fully online undergraduate students to earn a degree with a global focus is to sign up for the Global Learning Medallion program. The program includes four Global Learning designated courses—many classes count toward this requirement; a capstone project; an activity participation; and a final portfolio. Participation in the medallion program connects undergraduates to invaluable, high-impact opportunities such as exclusive internships, study abroad programs, and networking opportunities.

With technology, the world has indeed become a smaller place, but online learning has expanded options for many—especially for those who have a mind for travel.

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