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Degree Title

Bachelor of Science

Summer B 2024 Start Date:

June 17, 2024

Fall 2024 Start Date:

August 26, 2024


Turn your passion for sports and recreation into a fulfilling career. The fully online BS in Sport and Recreation Management program prepares graduates with the management and leadership skills for the fast-paced, dynamic recreation and sports industry. Projected to grow to $83.1 billion by 2023 ( PwC Sports Outlook,), the U.S. sports market is flourishing with opportunities in all areas, such as sports facilities (arenas/stadiums), sports marketing, community recreation programs, fitness clubs and intercollegiate athletics. The Sport Management track's curriculum blends fundamentals with real-world application, and includes industry-specific courses in finance, law, marketing, human resource management and the sociology of sport. You'll gain hands-on experience through two internships. 

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With FIU Online, you can learn anywhere, anytime. Our interactive technology enables you to watch lectures, get real-time feedback from your instructors and collaborate with classmates on projects. Plus, we provide you with a personal success coach who will provide you with one-on-one guidance every step of the way.

  • Why Apply?

    The FIU Online BS in Sport and Recreation Management provides you with the skill set and competitive edge you need to distinguish yourself in the recreation and sports management field. The economics driving the North American sports market include gate revenues, media rights, sponsorship and merchandise ( PwC, Sports Outlook). Professional sports clubs and teams are interested in graduates with a keen understanding of sports revenue and marketing. The Sport Management track gives you an interdisciplinary introduction to all the most important aspects of the business of sports and recreation, including marketing, strategic planning, management, human resource management, law and liability. 

    Career Opportunities

    The FIU Online BS in Sport and Recreation Management major prepares you for a wide array of career possibilities—everything from working at a sports venue to coaching a youth sports team to managing a recreation program at a college or university. Here are some of the median salaries for various career paths: campus recreation director, $64.713 (; coaches and scouts $28,360 ( U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics);  sports marketing manager, $92,500 ( U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics); and facilities manager, $82.592 (

  • Courses

    A total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management with a track in Sport Management.  

    To qualify for admission into the program, students must meet all published admission requirements which include: program prerequisites, General Education/Gordon Rule, GPA, and CLAST. Students who do not meet the College admission requirements may request a formal review by: (a) writing an admission appeal letter to the Department requesting a review of the applicant's records and indicating the reason(s) special consideration should be granted to the applicant; (b) forwarding three letters of recommendation; and (c) participating in a formal interview with departmental/program faculty or representatives

    Required Prerequisites

    • DEP 2000 – Human Growth and Development (3)


    Required Core Courses

    • LEI 3001 – Leisure and Recreation in America (3)
    • LEI 3542 – Principles of Parks, Recreation and Sport Management (3)
    • LEI 3800 – Liability and Law in Leisure, Recreation and Sports (3)
    • LEI 3402 – Program Development in Recreation and Sports (3)
    • LEI 3524 – Human Resource Management in Park and Recreation Services (3)
    • LEI 3630 – Care, Maintenance and Design (3)
    • SPM 3941 – Practicum in Sport Management (3)
    • LEI 4590 – Seminar in Park and Recreation Services (3)
    • SPM 4940 – Internship (9)
    • ACG 3024 – Financial Accounting for Managers (3)


    • PAD 4223 – Public Sector Budgeting (3)

    Sport Management Track

    • SPM 3001 – Introduction to Sport Management (3)
    • SPM 3013 – Globalization of Sport (3)
    • MAR 3023 – Marketing Management (GL) (3)
    • SPM 4505 – Sport Finance (3)
    • SPM 4012 – Social Aspects of Sport Management (3)
    • SPM 4306 – Strategic Marketing in Sport (3)
  • Requirements

    To ensure every student’s success, we have certain admissions requirements for each of our programs. To help you through the application process, our enrollment advisors are here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

    FIU Admission Requirements

    Applications are accepted for Spring, Fall and Summer terms.

    Steps to Apply

    First Year Students

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application

    • $30 application fee.

    • Official SAT, ACT and/or CLT scores.

    • Official high school transcripts.

    Transfer Students

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application

    • $30 application fee.

    • Official college transcripts.

    • If you have less than 60 transferable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts and SAT, ACT and/or CLT scores in addition to any transcripts from postsecondary schools to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

    International Students

     In addition to the above requirements, international applicants should submit:

    • Official English Language Proficiency exam scores (TOEFL or IELTS).

    • Official translations of any transcripts, if not in English.

    • If you have less than 60 transferrable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts with translation.


    Returning Students

    Returning students must meet the current university and degree-specific requirements to be admitted.

    FIU has policies for students who left FIU, please click here for more details.

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application $30 application fee.

    • Updated official transcripts


    Program Admission Requirements

    The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for the B.S. in Recreation and Sport Management - Recreation and Sport Management Track.

    A minimum lower-division GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale

    • Either 60 credit hours of lower division coursework or an AA degree from an accredited institution

    • Must meet the following lower division requirements:

    University Core/General Education

    Foreign language

    • Successful completion of 60 credit hours of lower-division coursework or an AA from an accredited Florida public institution.

    Admission Documents

    To complete the online undergraduate programs admissions form, select your program from the application form. You may complete the online application and submit it, even before taking any entrance exams. All supporting admission documents may be sent to:

    Florida International University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

    P.O. Box 659003

    Miami, FL 33265-9003


    FIU also accepts transcripts electronically via:

    • Faster (All FL public institutions)

    • Naviance (Typically used by private high schools)

    • SMART/Joint Service Transcript – Military records

    *Meeting the university minimum requirements does not guarantee admission


  • Tuition

    We’re thrilled that you’re considering online education and want you to know exactly what to expect for tuition and fees. Education is an investment in your future. Use the following student tuition and fees calculator to determine your costs.

  • Top Faculty

    Alexis McKenney
    Alexis McKenney is an associate professor of recreational therapy at Florida International University. Her primary area of research and scholarship is in the area of character development and leisure. In particular, McKenney's research centers on evaluating the effects of prosocial behavior interventions on children and adolescents with behavior disorders or who are considered to be at-risk. She has presented on and published numerous articles and book chapters on topics that fall within the realm of character development.

120 Credits Required

235.57 Per Credit Hour (In-State) + Fees

648.87 Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State) + Fees

* Total tuition and fees are subject to change.


  • Fully Online Degree

  • Every online undergraduate student is paired with a success coach

  • Program starts: Fall, Spring, Summer

  • Current unemployment rate as low as 5.2 percent; 4.5 percent for experienced grads

  • Become part of an exceptional community and make the most of your education. Join the Honors College.


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