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FIU’s online undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management will prepare you to excel and lead in the world’s biggest industry. Our fully online B.S. in Hospitality Management program is part of FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, which is consistently ranked as one of the top hospitality management schools in the United States and has won international recognition.

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With your online degree from FIU, you’ll gain fast-track career advantages in the international hotel, foodservice and tourism industries. Our online curriculum is flexible, current and provides students with a solid foundation in business management, finance, logistics, accounting and operations.

At FIU Online, you’ll learn from faculty members with strong academic credentials, excellent teaching skills and extensive executive-level industry experience. We’ve designed our online undergraduate degree programs with all the support you need to thrive as a student. With 24/7 access to interactive technology, real-time feedback from faculty and the one-on-one guidance of a dedication success coach, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Why Apply?

    The curriculum for this fully online program blends academic instruction with hands-on experience, including at the prestigious South Beach Wine and Food Festival, which benefits FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. For graduation, each student must have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours in the industry and completed an advanced internship of an additional 300 hours.

    The program offers a comprehensive set of core requirements and practical experiences that provide a solid foundation in business management, finance, logistics, accounting, operations and more, preparing you to excel and lead in the biggest industry in the world.


    The Chaplin School, in partnership with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, supports the annual production of the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capitol One (SOBEWFF®). The event, which is the largest of its kind in the U.S., generates experiential learning opportunities for as many as 1,200 FIU students each year. Additionally, the Chaplin School has developed many other long-standing relationships with major global hospitality and tourism corporations such as Sandals Resorts, Carnival Corporation & PLC (funder of the Carnival Gold Scholars and the Carnival Student Center on our BBC campus) and Marriott International (namesake for the school’s Marriott Tianjin China Program). The school also has partnerships with some well-known names like the Fontainebleau Miami Beach which hosts the world renowned nightclub, LIV® and food and beverage producers such as Bacardi USA, and Badia Spices.

  • Courses

    A total of 120 credits are required for the degree, including 60 program credits and 60 credits to meet University Core Curriculum and lower division requirements. Within the program, the 60 credits include 36 Hospitality Core credits, 12 Concentration Credits and 12 Elective credits. 

    Hospitality Pre-Core Courses

    The following lower divisional, pre-core courses are to be taken before starting hospitality core courses. Some courses can also be used to meet UCC (University Core Curriculum) requirements:

    Microeconomics ECO 2023
    This course provides an introduction to the theory and practices of contemporary microeconomics. The course will begin with a discussion on how agents deal with the fundamental problem of scarcity. The discussion will then turn to the basic concepts and tools used in microeconomic analysis.


    Macroeconomics ECO 2013
    Introduction to economic analysis of the overall economy: national income accounting, unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, budget deficits and debt, long-run growth.

    Public Speaking SPC 2608
    This course will take an academic approach to speech communication. The course will examine the basic elements of research, construction and delivery of original public presentation. By understanding what components go into a good speech, an individual will look more confident in their presentation.

    Pathways to Success I HFT 1070
    Designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of academic policies, procedures and requirements for matriculation and graduation from the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Must be taken first semester.

    Pathways to Success II HFT 3072
    This course exposes students to all career services offered by CSHTM. Students will review career/education goals in line with strengths, skills and values and will leverage all career services. Must be taken after 60 earned credits.

    Intro to Hospitality and Tourism Management HFT 1000
    A survey course providing an overview of the industry, its history, problems, and general operating procedures. Operating executives from the fields of hotel, restaurant, foodservice, travel, and tourism will be featured periodically. 

    Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry HFT 2220
    An in-depth study of human resources management in hospitality industry designed to improve and advance student’s skills through understanding of both hourly and management human resource policies, practices and procedures. 

    Accounting for the Hospitality Industry HFT 2401
    Introduction to the principles of accounting as they apply to the hospitality industry. Required for students who have not satisfactorily completed introductory accounting courses.

    Hospitality Information Technology HFT 2441
    Covers computer applications in the hospitality industry including information technology specific to hotel and restaurant accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Course includes hands-on laboratory assignments with a Hotel Property Management System and a Restaurant POS/back-office.

    Hospitality Core Requirements

    Introductory Commercial Food Production FSS 3230C
    Study of basic and intermediate commercial food production management skills required in menu design. The knowledge will be applied in the production of appetizers, salads, main course items and desserts. 

    Advanced Food Production Management FSS 4234C
    A course in advanced food production and service techniques to provide the student with realistic productions, services and managerial experience. Staffing, merchandising and cost control procedures are integral parts of the course.

    Pre-requisite: FSS 3230C
    *Alternative course option available with Academic Advisor Approval

    Dining Services Management HFT 3263
    Analysis of principal operating problems facing managers in the restaurant industry. Various control systems necessary for profitability and quality are examined.

    Lodging Operations Control HFT 3453
    Focuses on controlling expenses and revenues of a full-service lodging operation using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Based on using the uniform system of accounts for the lodging industry.

    Hospitality Marketing Strategy HFT 3503
    Examines marketing principles, theories and concepts and the use of management principles and techniques of analysis, planning, implementation and control to maximize marketing effectiveness in hospitality organizations. Stresses marketing of services. This is a Global Learning Course.

    Hospitality Industry Law HFT 3603
    Introduction to hotel, motel, and restaurant law emphasizing risk management and security. Students learn about the fundamental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the hospitality industry through a case study approach. This is a Global Learning Course.

    Hospitality Facilities Environmental Systems HFT 4323
    A comprehensive survey of engineering, maintenance, and efficiency controls in hotels, restaurants, and institutions. Emphasizes the importance of Operations Facilities Engineering Management and the environment. This is a Global Learning Course.

    Hospitality Analytics and Revenue Management HFT 4413
    Detailed study of methods used in serving and tracking guest history and yield management in the hospitality industry. Demonstrates state-of-the-art technology and concepts.

    Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry HFT 4464
    Facilitates understanding and use of financial analysis in the hospitality industry. Topics include decision-making based on ratio analysis, leverage, financing sources and other financial issues.

    Prerequisite: HFT 2401.

    Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry HFT 4474
    Advanced study of the decision-making process involved in the hospitality industry. Emphasis on budgeting, pricing decisions, cost-volume-profit analysis and capital budgeting.

    Prerequisite: HFT2401

    Advanced Internship for Hospitality and Tourism HFT 4945
    Hospitality/tourism work experience to provide exposure to management and training functions, job rotation tasks and/or projects not previously performed. Minimum 300 hours/ten weeks field experience.

    Pre-requisites: Documented completion of 500 hospitality related work hours of which must be completed while enrolled at FIU. Permission of an advisor.

    Senior Seminar in Hospitality Management HFT 4294
    Student groups identify and research a major problem of a hospitality enterprise. Discussions will focus on problems and solutions. Final report required.
    Can only be taken the semester you graduate.


    Additional Requirements

    Hospitality Electives - 24 Credits

    Electives can be chosen from any 3000/4000 level HFT or FSS course. If desired, students may choose any of the following six major areas to meet 12 of the 24 required elective credits.


    The undergraduate program at the FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management offers you the ability to concentrate in your area of interest by selecting one of six areas within the hospitality and tourism industries: Hotel/Lodging Management, Restaurant/Culinary Management, Entertainment Management, Event Management, Spirits Management and Travel and Tourism Management


    Restaurant/Culinary Management Major Courses

    Choose four from any of the following courses:

    Purchasing and Menu Planning FSS 4106
    Basic information on sources, grades and standards, criteria for selection, purchasing and storage for the major foods; including the development of specifications.

    Management for Foodservice Industry Segments HFT 4809
    An in-depth study of all segments of the food service industry including all major areas of foodservice operations as they relate to various industry segments.

    Foodservice Systems Development HFT 4479
    Course presenting the systems and procedures to develop a food service operation from concept to opening.

    Foodservice Trends and Challenges HFT 4853
    Advanced level course covers management issues relevant to current trends and challenges facing the foodservice industry.

    International Baking, Confectionary and Desserts FSS 3073
    Provides professional understanding and foundation of management for food production in a pastry department or industrial baking facility within the food service industry.

    Culinary Event Management FSS 4336
    A unique course allowing the opportunity for students with advanced culinary skills to learn the art and science of managing culinary events.

    International Cuisine FSS 3242C
    An opportunity for food aficionados to explore modern interpretations of international classic cuisine. Includes lecture, demonstration and preparation of favorite international dishes from restaurant menus around the world.

    Culinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship HFT 4833
    A unique course allowing the opportunity for students with advanced culinary skills to learn the art and science of managing culinary innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Catering Management HFT 4802C
    A study of the techniques, logistics, and responsibilities involved in the management of on-premise and off-premise, catering companies.


    Hotel/Lodging Management Major Courses

    Hospitality Property Management HFT 3314 
    The problems of cost and operation of pest control, security, parking, general cleaning and upkeep, laundry, fire prevention, pools, tennis courts, and care of guest rooms and public space, property management function of the hotel.

    Managing Service Organizations HFT 4240
    In-depth study of management issues relating to service and quality assurance in the service industry. Examines service linkages to marketing operations and human resources.

    Hotel Management Seminar HFT 4936
    A senior course examining the power of partnerships and interrelationships between hotel/resorts and other key segments of the visitor industry (airport, cruiseport, convention center, attractions, sports teams, and stadiums/arenas etc.) Considers current lodging and visitor industry problems and practices, developing policies and procedures, and implementing them.

    Group Business Sals and Services  HFT 4508
    Examines the practices of selling and servicing space by hotels, convention centers, arenas/halls to convention and events producers. Includes how to reach, sell and service these important groups and people.


    Event Management Major Courses

    Planning Meetings and Conventions HFT 3741
    Introduction to the meeting and convention industry, concentrating on specific and practical research, planning, supervision, and control guidelines used by today’s Professional Meeting Planner.

    Convention & Trade Show Management HFT 3753
    A course concentrating on organizing, arranging and operating conventions, trade shows, and expositions. Emphasis is placed on the modes and methods of sales used in booking conventions and trade shows, as well as the division of administrative responsibility in their operation.

    Group Business Sales and Services HFT 4508
    Examines the practices of selling and servicing space by hotels, convention centers, arenas/halls to convention and event producers. Includes how to reach, sell and service these important groups and people.

    Introduction to Events Management HFT 3754
    An introduction to the conceptual management and operational activities of special events.

    Advanced Events Management HFT 4757
    This course focuses on advanced planning and managing of special events, from ideas and concepts through the actual event implementation and follow-up. Students will have the opportunity to focus on detailed elements of event management.


    Spirits Management Major Courses

    Choose four from any of the following courses:


    Spirit Fundamentals HFT 3861         

    Provides a comprehensive review of the beverage industry including the history of alcohol, the development of the beverage industry in the U.S. and a review of beverages with an emphasis on Spirits.  


    Beverage Management Law HFT 3613       

    An introduction course into alcoholic beverage law. The learner will be introduced to the fundamental laws, rules and regulations applicable to the alcoholic beverage industry in the State of Florida, key national and international markets. The learner is familiarized with methods of law enforcement, rules and regulations; the principles that control licensing and permitting within the industry; and municipal code violation enforcement. 

    Beverage Marketing & Distribution HFT 3811       

    This course will explore the complex world of beverage sales, marketing and distribution, including brand management, legal issues, and the roles of producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, duty free and hospitality outlets. 

    The learner will identify and analyze the key industry segments, targeting, and positioning of the alcoholic beverage industry with emphasis on the suppliers, retailers, duty free segment, and on-premise accounts to understand product assortment and pricing models.


    Beverage Entrepreneurship (BEVpreneur HFT 4064        

    The learning will evaluate and analyze beverage business models. Apply written and financial skills to create and analyze a strategic business plan. The learner will gain advanced knowledge of business writing, financial modeling, leadership methods, presentation skills, negotiation methods, laws, regulations, and legal concepts that govern the beverage industry, licensing, compliance, and responsibility.

    Completion of a beverage ‘start-up’ strategic growth plan that will teach learners essential organizational, business modeling, financial structuring,  distribution channels, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills.


    Travel and Tourism Management Major Courses

    International Travel and Tourism HFT 3713
    An introduction to the international scope of travel and tourism. A brief analysis of regional framework and specific regions of the world, the interrelationship between human society and the physical environment.

    Sustainable Tourism Practices HFT 3701
    In-depth study of contemporary issues pertaining to tourism based on the natural environment. Explores management strategies suitable for controlling a growing industry.

    Tourism Destination Marketing HFT 4509
    Comprehensive study of strategies and advanced techniques used in marketing tourism destinations and products. Marketing plan developed.

    Destination and Cultures HFT 3735
    A geographical analysis of worldwide tourist destination regions and their major attractions. The course emphasizes how geographic and cultural factors are critical to the attractiveness of a tourist destination.


    Entertainment Management Major Courses

    Introduction to Entertainment Management HFT 4376 
    This class addresses the topics of performers, shipping, technology, special effects, contracts, logistics, industry terminology, and recent media venue entertainment headlines.

    OR Introduction to Events Management HFT 3754 
    An introduction to the conceptual management and operational activities of special events.

    Entertainment Transactions for Hospitality Facilities HFT 3370 
    This course covers the legal deal points and industry contract language for hotel and event planned arrangements in hospitality venues.

    Entertainment at Venues HFT 3392 
    Class spans a wide range of topics to showcase that entertainment is not confined to a showroom - nightclub, fashion shows, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, gaming, and lounges.

    Entertainment Tour Management HFT 3393 
    Planning a tour, budgeting, marketing/publicity/branding, concert brokers, ticketing agencies, and revenue streams.

  • Requirements

    To ensure every student’s success, we have certain admissions requirements for each of our programs. To help you through the application process, our enrollment advisors are here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

    FIU Admission Requirements

    Applications are accepted for Spring, Fall and Summer terms.

    Steps to Apply

    First Year Students

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application
    • $30 application fee.
    • Official SAT or ACT scores.
    • Official high school transcripts.

    Transfer Students

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application
    • $30 application fee.
    • Official college transcripts.
    • If you have less than 60 transferable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores in addition to any transcripts from postsecondary schools to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


    Returning Students

    Returning students must meet the current university and degree-specific requirements to be admitted. FIU has policies for students who left FIU, please click here for more details.

       Please submit the following:

    • Online application
    • $30 application fee
    • Updated official transcripts

    International Students

    In addition to the above requirements, international applicants should submit:

    • Official English Language Proficiency exam scores (TOEFL or IELTS).
    • Official translations of any transcripts, if not in English.
    • If you have less than 60 transferrable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts with translation.

    Program Admission Requirements

    A total of 120 credit hours are required for the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

    Applicants to the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management must submit an Undergraduate Application for admission to the University and must follow the regular University admissions procedures described in the FIU Undergraduate Admissions website (click "How to Apply"). Applicants must be eligible for admission to the University before being accepted to the School.

    Any student who has completed two years of college (60 transferable semester hours) may apply for admission as a transfer student to the upper division program.  A minimum 2.25 GPA is required for transfer students. Students with a GPA lower than 2.25 may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. Admissions will review your official transcripts for transfer credits upon submission of your application. Domestic students may enroll on either a full-time or a part-time basis; International students must enroll full-time (at least 12 credits per semester). Students with less than 60 transfer credits are subject to freshman admission criteria.

    All students are required to meet the University’s core curriculum requirements prior to graduation. It is not necessary to have been previously enrolled in a hotel, restaurant or tourism program. The curriculum will provide the specialized professional education to equip the student for a career in hospitality and tourism management. Students with training in liberal arts, business, education, or technology, for example, are qualified to enroll in the program.

    A maximum of 60 lower division undergraduate semester credits may be transferred from a junior or community college program. More credits may be transferred from a related upper-division program at a four-year institution.

    Undergraduate applicants are advised to respect the Admissions Deadlines of the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

    Admission Documents

    To complete the online undergraduate programs admissions form, select your program from the application form. You may complete the online application and submit it, even before taking any entrance exams. All supporting admission documents may be sent to:

Florida International University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

    P.O. Box 659003

    Miami, FL 33265-9003


    FIU also accepts transcripts electronically via:

    • Faster (All FL public institutions)

    • Naviance (Typically used by private high schools)

    • SMART/Joint Service Transcript – Military records

    *Meeting the university minimum requirements does not guarantee admission

  • Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree

    The combined B.S./M.S. program accelerates completion of the master’s degree in a shorter time period. This program is for the Hospitality Management B.S./M.S. program only and has been designed to be a continuous program. Upon completion of all the requirements of the undergraduate program, students will receive their B.S. degree, followed by their M.S. degree upon completion of graduate-level requirements.

    Admission into this program requires current enrollment in the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management at FIU. In addition, an applicant must have completed between 75+ credit hours of course work with a G.P.A. of 3.2 or higher.

    Students who are interested in pursuing this combined degree should contact their academic advisor.

  • Tuition

    We’re thrilled that you’re considering online education and want you to know exactly what to expect for tuition and fees. Education is an investment in your future. Use the following student tuition and fees calculator to determine your costs.

  • Top Faculty

    Dale Gomez
    Dale Gomez, M.S. MIS, is the director of Information Technology at Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Mr. Gomez is also the online learning administrator and adjunct instructor of hospitality Information Technology. His Information Technology experience spans more than 16 years, and includes expertise in database management and administration, desktop publishing, hospitality information technology, network management, programming, system management and website design.

    Miranda Kitterlin
    Dr. Miranda Kitterlin is an assistant professor in the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University. Prior to her academic career, Dr. Kitterlin worked for 11 years in the lodging and food and beverage industries in Louisiana, Michigan, and Las Vegas. Her research focuses primarily on food and beverage, human resources and organizational behavior issues. She has published on topics of foodservice industry employee selection and screening, employee behavior and perceptions, training needs of hospitality employees, food-safety education and hospitality student learning styles. Much of her work centers on employee substance abuse and employment drug testing in the hospitality industry.

120 Credits Required

$228.81 Per Credit Hour (In-State) + Fees

$345.87 Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State) + Fees


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  • #1 Best Online Bachelor's Degree for Hospitality Management,, 2019-2020
  • #9 Best Hospitality Management Degrees Online,, 2020

  • #1 Best Colleges for Hospitality Management in Florida,, 2020
  • Chaplin School ranked in top 50 worldwide, QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2019
  • #1 Hospitality Management Bachelor’s Degree Online Programs,, 2018
  • #2 Best Online Bachelor's Programs,, 2017

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