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Degree Title

Bachelor of Arts

Summer A 2024 Start Date:

May 6, 2024

Summer B 2024 Start Date:

June 17, 2024


Florida International University offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It’s an exciting program that can open the doors to an incredible range of careers. Fast, convenient and flexible, FIU’s undergraduate psychology program equips students with a solid grounding in scientific research and human behavior, along with skills in critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. The FIU online program reflects current trends in the field of psychology with introduction to five key areas of concentration within psychology: experimental, social, applied, personality/abnormal and developmental.

Applied Behavior Analysis Track

The track in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides coursework that leads to the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) certificate. Careers in the field of ABA can include working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities, as well as others seeking assistance to reduce problem behaviors or develop skills. Students in this track will learn to define behavior as the unit of study, identify functional relationships between behavior and the environment, observe and measure behavior objectively and implement behavior analytic interventions for behavior change.

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With over 2,400 undergraduate psychology majors and a large number of undergraduate minors, FIU strives to balance the interests and goals of a diverse student body with a curriculum that is broad, methodologically rigorous, and research-based. The program reflects current trends in the field through its emphasis on the science of psychology (integrated via the Research Sequence) and by way of courses in psychological theory and practice.

Your online bachelor's degree in psychology from FIU will provide opportunities in a variety of career paths, from social services to human resources to statistical analysis. With a B.A. in Psychology, you can also pursue a graduate degree in psychology or a related field.

FIU’s fully online B.A. in Psychology offers the very same quality of education offered through our on-campus Department of Psychology. You’ll study with our renowned faculty, and get one-on-one guidance from your personal success coach. We’ll make sure your online learning experience is the best it can be.

  • Why Apply?

    The psychology major offers excellent training in how to understand human behavior using scientifically rigorous methods. A degree in psychology can provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge applicable to such fields as business, education, law, medicine, and social work, as well as psychology.

    Students who major in Psychology are also given a variety of opportunities to become directly involved in ongoing research, participate in our active student organizations, and conduct their own studies through our various research labs.

    This program provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

    • Human growth and development
    • Psychology of infancy and childhood
    • Personal Adjustment
    • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Psychology of Sexual Behavior
    • Research Methods in Psychology

     The study of psychology provides students with strong skills in research, writing and analysis, as well as a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships. These skills make psychology program graduates excellent candidates for positions that include school counselors, education specialists, case managers and rehabilitation specialists.  

    For students seeking a long-term career in psychology, a bachelor's degree in psychology is an excellent foundation for the necessary advanced degree, which may include a master's, Ph.D., Psy.D. or doctorate in psychology.

    Employment of clinical, counseling and school psychologists is expected to grow 22 percent, faster than the average for all occupations. Greater demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, mental health centers and social services agencies should drive employment growth. In 2020, the median annual wage of psychologists was $82,180 and the median annual wage of mental health counselors was $47,660 (Occupational Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Courses

    The ABA track consists of the courses below, which have been designated as a Verified Course Sequence and meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board coursework requirements for BCaBA certification. Courses in the track may be used to fulfill area requirements for the psychology BA degree, when applicable.

    • EAB 3002 Introduction to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    • EAB 3794 Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • EAB 4764 Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessment and Intervention
    • EAB 4798 Single Case Research Methods
    • EAB 4795 Senior Seminar in Applied Behavior Analysis

    Major Prerequisites (12 credits total)

    Introduction to Psychology PSY 2012

    Psychological principles underlying the basic processes of sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, life-span developmental, social behavior, personality, abnormal behavior, and psychotherapy.

    Introduction to Statistics STA 2122

    A course in descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include probability distribution of discrete and continuous random, variables, sampling distributions, large sample estimation and hypothesis testing for means and proportions.

    Prerequisite: High school algebra. The following equivalent is also accepted: STA 2023 or STA 3111.

    Human Biology BSC 2023

    This course, intended for non-science majors, introduces the biological and general scientific principles governing human structure, function, health, and relationship to the planetary environment.

    The following equivalents are also accepted: BSC-1005, BSC-1010/1011, BSC 1085/1086, BSC 2085/2086.

    Additional Lower Division Psychology Course

    Select one of the following courses:

    • Human Growth and Development DEP-2000
    • Personal Adjustment CLP-2001
    • Psychology of Infancy and Childhood DEP-2001
    • Psychology of Sexual Behavior SOP-2772

    Upper Division Program

    Coursework for the Major: 36 credit hours are required (grade of “C” or better required). Students must complete the Research Sequence (10 credits), fulfill the Area Requirements (15 credits), and the Psychology Elective Requirements (9 credits) and successfully complete the Careers in Psychology Course (2 credits)

    Psychology Career Development: 2 cr

    • Psychology Career Development- PSY 3024

    Research Sequence (10 cr)- Must be taken in order

    • Psychology Methods/Analysis ll: PSY 3211
    • Psychology Methods/Analysis ll: PSY 3215
    • Senior Seminar: EAB 4795

    Area Requirements A-E (15 cr)

    Area A: Cognitive & Neuroscience (choose 1):

    • Animal Cognition- PSB 4250
    • Cognitive Processes- EXP 4604
    • Introduction to Bio-Psychology- PSB 4002
    • Memory & Memory Improvement- EXP 3523
    • Neuropsychology- PSB 4240
    • Sensation & Perception- EXP 4204

    Area B: Social (choose 1)

    • Attitudes & Social Behavior- SOP 4414
    • Global Psychology: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Psychological Research and Theories- SOP 4731
    • Introductory to Social Psychology- SOP 3004
    • Psychology of Women- SOP 3742
    • Social & Personality Development- SOP 3015

    Area C: Applied

    • Introduction to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior- EAB 3002

    Area D: Clinical/Personality

    • ·Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessment & Intervention- EAB 4764

    Area E: Development (Choose 1):

    • Psychology of Adolescence- DEP 3305
    • Psychology of Adulthood- DEP 3404
    • Psychology of Aging- DEP 4464
    • Children's Learning- DEP 4164
    • Development in Infancy: The Basis of Human Knowledge- DEP 3115

    Required courses (6 cr):

    • Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis- EAB 3794
    • Single Case Research Methods- EAB 4798

    Psychology Upper Division Electives: (3 credits)

    • The course must be in the 3000/4000 level
  • Requirements

    Applications are accepted for Spring, Fall and Summer terms.

    Steps to Apply

    First Year Students

    Please submit the following:
    • Online application
    • $30 application fee.
    • Official SAT, ACT and/or CLT scores.
    • Official high school transcripts.

    Transfer Students

    Please submit the following:
    • Online application
    • $30 application fee.
    • Official college transcripts.
    • If you have less than 60 transferable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts and SAT, ACT and/or CLT scores in addition to any transcripts from postsecondary schools to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

    International Students

    In addition to the above requirements, international applicants should submit:
    • Official English Language Proficiency exam scores (TOEFL or IELTS).
    • Official translations of any transcripts, if not in English.
    • If you have less than 60 transferable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts with translation.

    Returning Students

    Returning students must meet the current university and degree-specific requirements to be admitted.

    FIU has policies for students who left FIU, please click here for more details.

    Please submit the following:

    • Online application $30 application fee.
    • Updated official transcripts

    Program Admission Requirements

    • Candidates must first be accepted into the university. Students admitted to Florida International University are admitted directly to their chosen major.
    • Program Completion Requirements

    A total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Students must complete all University Core Curriculum, University, and College of Arts, Sciences & Education requirements. For specific course requirements, visit the Courses tab on this program page. Students must earn a "C" or better in all Gordon Rule University Core Curriculum courses, College of Arts, Sciences & Education Foreign Language requirement courses and major prerequisites and requirement courses. Students may earn a D- in the rest of their coursework (non-Gordon Rule UCC and electives).

    Admission Documents

    To complete the online undergraduate programs admissions form, select your program from the application form. You may complete the online application and submit it, even before taking any entrance exams. All supporting admission documents may be sent to:

    Florida International University
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions

    P.O. Box 659003

    Miami, FL 33265-9003


    FIU also accepts transcripts electronically via:

    • Faster (All FL public institutions)
    • Naviance (Typically used by private high schools)
    • SMART/Joint Service Transcript – Military records

    *Meeting the university minimum requirements does not guarantee admission

  • Tuition and Aid

    We’re thrilled that you’re considering online education and want you to know exactly what to expect for tuition and fees. Education is an investment in your future. Use the following student tuition and fees calculator to determine your costs.

  • Top Faculty

    Maricel Cigales

    Maricel Cigales

    Teaching Professor; Director of the Behavior Analysis Program; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

    Tara Loughrey

    Tara Loughrey

    Assistant Teaching Professor

    Logan McDowell

    Logan McDowell

    Assistant Teaching Professor

    Paloma Pedraza

    Paloma Pedraza

    Assistant Teaching Professor; Assistant Director, Behavior Analysis

    Rosemary San Nicolas

    Rosemary San Nicolas

    Assistant Teaching Professor; Program Administrator, Behavior Analysis

    Haydee Toro

    Adjunct Instructor

120 Credits Required

235.57 Per Credit Hour (In-State) + Fees

648.87 Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State) + Fees

* Total tuition and fees are subject to change.


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  • Every online undergraduate student is paired with a success coach

  • Program starts: Fall, Spring, Summer

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