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We're here to watch you soar

Now available for fully online Engineering, Hospitality and Public Health students.

We’re not just here to see you graduate, we’re here to watch you soar as a professional. At FIU, you’re learning the ins and outs of your industry through an exceptional degree program. But we’re taking you ten steps further by giving you access to our newest badging pathway–Career Engage!


How it works

Career Engage is a professional readiness path, tailored specifically to your industry, that you can integrate into your current student experience. It’s designed to fuel you with in-demand certifications and skill sets that top employers are looking for to ignite your professional journey upon graduation.

1. Tap into key skills

Employers are looking for problem solvers and great communicators. You’re going to create a professional profile on LinkedIn, go through a mock interview to get feedback and take a LinkedIn Learning course that will finetune your skills.

2. Get certified

We'll prepare you for in-demand industry certifications. Take and pass at least one certification exam to count towards the badge.

3. Build your brand

Bring it all together in an engaging project that focuses on creating your professional statement, defining who you are as a professional, and developing a solid action plan to get what you want out of a career.

Successfully complete these milestones and you’ll have what it takes to stand out. You’ll even earn an official Career Engage badge to show off.


How do I access Career Engage?

Simply log into Canvas and look for the ‘Career Engage’ course on your dashboard. If you are a fully online Undergraduate student, you will be automatically enrolled once you have earned 90 or more credit hours. Graduate students will be automatically enrolled.
*Participating Units: Engineering, Hospitality, and Public Health (Graduate Level Only).

Does Career Engage cost anything?

Career Engage is an optional, complimentary service to our online students. Although it is optional and free of charge, we encourage you to add the experience to your student portfolio. Upon successful completion of all the assignments in Canvas (LinkedIn Profile, Mock Interview, LinkedIn Course, Industry Certification, and Personal Branding video), you are eligible for a one-time scholarship of $200 following the submission of the Career Engage badge. Scholarships cannot be dispersed to students that have graduated.
**Please note, that while your specific field of study program offers courses that will prepare you for in-demand certifications, certification exams that are not listed within your Career Engage course will not be covered.

Is there a deadline to complete Career Engage milestones?

This course is structured to allow students to move through the content at their own pace. However, all milestones should be completed prior to graduation. There is a suggested Course Map available in the course that can be used as guidance to successfully complete your career engage program and milestones within one year (two years for Public Health).

What can I do with my Career Engage Badge?

You’ve earned bragging rights, so flaunt it! Upload it to LinkedIn or Handshake, add it to your resume and include it in your email signature.

So I completed Career Engage, but what’s next?

Our ultimate goal is to see our students thrive after graduation which means more exciting initiatives are currently in the works to enhance your skillset. As an FIU alum, we want to ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need for your continued success as professional and active members of society. To learn more about Micro-Credentials please visit  The Office of Micro-Credentials Website .


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