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How are online courses different from on-campus courses?
Our online courses are designed to provide you with the same top quality experience that our on-campus students enjoy. You'll learn from the same faculty, and the online curriculum is just as intellectually stimulating as that of our on-campus classes. You'll read chapters, submit assignments, participate in group projects, and engage in discussions. What's different is how the content is delivered. With FIU Online, you are the classroom. Our classes are fully online, dynamic and interactive. We use Canvas, a learning management system that enables you to log into your classroom, get assignments, interact with faculty and other students, reply to message boards, and much more.

How can I figure out if online learning is right for me?
Taking an online course requires just as much time and effort as on-campus courses, but with added flexibility and convenience. However, a certain level of independence and time management skills are necessary to get the most out of your online learning experience. 

Before I start with FIU Online, is there a student orientation?
Yes, but only fully online students partake in an online student orientation. The Online Student Orientation is a course designed for students enrolled in the fully online degree programs. The course consists of vital information regarding FIU, Online Learning, the learning management system we use, and other important information about being a student at FIU such as Financial Aid, Student Resources, MyAccounts, etc. The Online Student Orientation is mandatory for all students enrolled in any fully online degree program. 

How do I connect with my classmates and instructor?
FIU Online courses help you connect with fellow students and your instructor through a variety of course enhancement tools. Through Canvas and other technology, students and faculty can post and share course content, access grades 24/7, and collaborate through discussion boards and virtual classrooms. If you have a question about your course or an assignment, instructors are easy to get in touch with, and very responsive!

Is the course schedule flexible?
FIU Online courses are designed for working professionals and those with busy schedules, and offer the flexibility you need to study when it's most convenient for you. Many degree programs and courses are offered at various start times throughout the year. The courses are not self-paced and all of your course activities, assignments and exams must be completed by their due dates. Some courses may also include online group projects as well.

How much time will I spend on coursework?
For undergraduate students, plan on spending about 8 to 12 hours each week on readings and assignments for a 3-credit course. Papers, projects or exams will require extra time. Graduate students will typically spend more time on their courses.

How long will it take me to earn my degree?
The answer depends on your individual circumstances, including whether you have any transfer credits and how many courses you take each semester. Also, specific programs may offer more accelerated options for completion, while others are cohort-based, in which you move through the program with other students. Choose a degree program that best meets your career goals and works with your schedule. Your FIU Online enrollment coordinator will be able to provide more information.

How do I turn in assignments and take exams?
Assignments and exams are submitted electronically through Blackboard Learn. We also have a number of tutorials and a Canvas Introduction Course to walk you through the process.

What kind of computer and Internet access do I need?
Most computers meet the minimum standards required to participate in online courses. For a full list of computer system and Internet requirements, visit our What's Required page.

Can I participate in graduation ceremonies?
FIU Online encourages its online students to participate in commencement ceremonies. We enjoy having our students join in one of the most memorable moments of any degree.  For information about graduation, visit FIU’s Graduation Page

Is there an alumni association?
FIU alumni are inspiring and empowering. With national chapters around the country, and soon around the world, fully online students can connect with alums in their community. Whether gathering for social events or organizing community events, FIU alumni events offer excellent social and career networking opportunities. The Student Alumni Association coordinates programs for students and alumni that enhance school spirit for Golden Panthers everywhere. The FIU Alumni Association has comprehensive information about all the programs and events for students and alumni.