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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to attend an Information Session?
No, you are not required to attend an Information Session but we encourage prospective students to view our on-demand Information Session regarding the RN to BSN program.  The information session covers program requirements, prerequisites, costs as well as how to apply to the college and the university.

Must I complete the program in 3 semesters?
No, students can complete the program at their own pace but must complete the program within 9 semesters.

Do I need to be licensed Florida RN to be in the program?
Yes, students are required to have a current, valid Florida RN license before being admitted into the RN to BSN program at FIU.

What if I am going to graduate from an ASN program within a semester? 
We encourage new ASN grads to receive early academic advisement; therefore prospective students should view the on-demand information session.  New grads must successfully pass the NCLEX examination and receive their Florida RN license before being fully admitted to the program

I live outside the state of Florida. Am I eligible for the RN to BSN program?
State and federal distance education requirements may restrict the enrollment of students who are not Florida residents. If a prospective student is living in another state, but has still maintained their Florida residency, then it may be possible to enroll in our program, however students are required to complete a preceptorship in the final semester within a facility which is contracted with the College of Nursing & Health Sciences. Please contact us by email or phone if you are not a Florida resident so that we may provide you with more information.

What if I am a returning RN to BSN student and have not been in the program for over a year?
Students who are no longer active at FIU must reapply online and resubmit an RN to BSN program application to the college. Returning students must meet all current RN to BSN admission requirements, including program GPA and ASN or Diploma Nursing Program accreditation requirements. Students must make an individual appointment with an academic advisor to discuss previous courses and confirm their readmission requirements have been met.

What if I applied to start for this upcoming semester and cannot start until the following semester? The application to the university is only active for the semester chosen for admission. If an applicant wishes to change the semester of admission, they must complete an Undergraduate Application Update Form and submit to Undergraduate Admissions (fax to 305-348-2100 or email to admiss@fiu.edu). The form can be found on Undergraduate Admissions website under Quick Links & Forms. Additionally, the applicant must notify the RN to BSN Coordinator of the change to a different semester.

Are International Students eligible for the RN to BSN Program?
The RN to BSN coursework at FIU is all online, therefore international students with an F1 Visa are not eligible to be enrolled in the program. We suggest international students seek an on-ground RN to BSN program which would better meet their needs.

When does registration start?
Please refer to your MyFIU account for notification of when you are eligible to register.

What are the Excelsior Exams and which exams should I take?
Three (3) Excelsior Examinations are required as part of the RN to BSN program. These are proficiency exams which confirm student knowledge and skills in nursing at the Bachelors academic level. Once a student has successfully completed the exams, FIU will accept the results and award 30 upper division college credits to your transcript. The three examinations can be found on the Excelsior website and are: NURX-310 Adult Nursing (554), NURX-315 Maternal and Child Nursing (Baccalaureate) (457) and NURX-320 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (503).

What if I fail the Excelsior Exam?
Exams are administered through Excelsior College. There is a fee per exam, per each attempt. Additional Fee: Effective July 1, 2014 – Pearson VUE will charge a test administration fee when you schedule your appointment to test; additional fees apply for phone transactions (scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling). Information about the cost of each exam can be found on the Excelsior College website, http://www.excelsior.edu/exams/choose-your-exam. If failed, there is a 60 day waiting period between the first attempt at an exam and the second attempt; and there is a 120 day waiting period between the second and third attempts. After the third failure, the student can contact the RN to BSN Coordinator to provide proof of grades and explore other options. Excelsior scores do not expire and can be taken at any time but must be taken and passed prior to the final semester in the RN to BSN program. Exam fees are subject to change in accordance with Excelsior College.

Does Senior Clinical Practicum (NUR 4945L) and Care of Communities: Community Health (NUR 4636C) require a contract prior to clinical placement?
Yes, Senior Clinical Practicum (NUR 4945L) and Care of Communities: Community Health (NUR 4636C) require an existing contract with the clinical facility. If a contract does not exist at the facility in which you desire to complete your clinical hours, contact the Clinical Education Department (305-348-0039) for assistance in locating facilities near your area or for possibilities in developing a contract.

How long does it take to develop a contract between FIU and a clinical facility?
It can take a minimum of six months, possibly up to twelve months, to establish a new contract with a facility. If this is necessary, we suggest the student begin the process of establishing a new contract within the first semester of beginning the program.

What if I move to an area outside of South Florida and there are not any facilities which have a contract with FIU? How do I complete my Senior Practicum?
Students may only do a practicum in a facility with which FIU has a contract. Contact the Clinical Education Department (305-348-0039) to determine whether there is an eligible facility in your area, or to assist with facilitating the establishment of a new contract. We also offer the opportunity for students to follow FIU professors within the Nicole Wertheim College Nursing & Health Sciences (NWCNHS).

When should I apply for graduation and how do I apply?
Students apply for graduation at MyFIU in the beginning of their final semester. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates for the specific semester.

Can I use the credit from a previous FIU BA/BS to count towards the RN-BSN degree requirements, specifically the upper division electives?
No, students must adhere to the following FIU policy:
The University will confer the bachelor degree when the following conditions have been met:

  • Completion of the last 30 credit hours at the University. http://catalog.fiu.edu/2015_2016/undergraduate/Admission_and_Registration_Information/ University Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, page 44, Academic Degree Requirements section
  • Credit earned from a previous FIU Bachelor’s degree does not apply toward the minimum of 30 required credits for an additional Bachelor’s degree. In other words, credit earned in the first Bachelor’s degree at FIU will not count as elective credit in the RN-BSN program. Students, as such, will need to take 6 additional credits (2 courses) of upper division electives in order to satisfy the elective requirement and adhere to the FIU policy.