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R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business


Are you a practicing bank manager? Get advanced training in your field. This certificate program is designed to provide practicing bank managers with advanced training in their fields.

If you are an undergraduate business student who is looking to pursue an additional certificate in conjunction with your business degree, this certificate is for you.

Contact us today so we can help you get the courses you need to make a real difference in your FIU education!

Why Apply?

The Certificate in Banking is designed for practicing bank managers and bank employees, as well as those who simply want to earn a certificate while also pursuing a bachelor's degree. You can earn this certificate along with your undergraduate business degree or separately to enhance your professional portfolio. Having focused knowledge of a particular business area helps individuals be more successful in their chosen profession. 

There are many benefits of earning this certificate:

  • Greater access to employers and greater marketability to those employers
  • More interaction with professors in the targeted field
  • Personalized advising and career guidance 
  • Seminars, corporate tours, and other events that connect you with business communities
  • Integrated coursework that forms a cohesive structure and is geared toward employment
  • The satisfaction of having a truly focused understanding of a key topic area


The core program consists of four undergraduate finance courses. Students who receive a grade of "C" or higher in all courses, both prerequisites and core, will have earned and will be presented with a Certificate in Banking. 


In addition to having a minimum GPA of 2.75 and admissability into the College of Business as a degree seeking student, the following courses are required prerequisites before taking this certificate:
Accounting for Decisions - ACG 2021
Financial Managmeent - FIN 3403
Intermediate Finance - FIN 341
Priniciples of Macro Economics - ECO 2013
Securities Analysis - FIN 4502


Financial Risk Management - Financial Engineering FIN 4486
A survey of financial instruments used for financial risk management, including forwards, futures, options, and swaps. Emphasis is on identification of financial risks and designing optimal risk management program.
Prerequisites: FIN 3414 and FIN 4502.

Financial Markets and Institutions FIN 4303
Financial markets and the role of financial intermediaries in these markets. Emphasis will be upon the objectives and policies of financial intermediaries within the constraints of law and regulatory authorities.
Prerequisites: FIN 3403 or equivalent.

Commercial Bank Management FIN 4324
The management of bank assets and liabilities; specialized banking functions; and the role of the commercial bank in financing business.
Prerequisites: FIN 3403 or equivalent.

Select one of the following:

Credit Analysis and Loan Evaluation FIN 4345
Topics to include: introduction to commercial lending; secured lending; accounts receivable financing and factoring; inventory financing; introduction to lending vehicles; short term lending; domestic taxation; consolidations; forecasting and intermediate term cash flow lending; term loan agreements/covenants; subordinations and guarantees; foreign exchange; international transactions and leasing.
Prerequisite: FIN 3403 or equivalent.

Global Private Banking FIN 4663

This course seeks to provide the students with an understanding of the nature of the global private banking, its role in preserving, augmenting and protecting wealth and how it is shaped by a sometimes-controversial need for confidentiality. 

Prerequisite: FIN 3403 or equivalent.


To apply for admission to this program, you should complete an application form (all fields must be completed) and submit it to: Florida International University College of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Attention: Jessica Ugaz, Coordinator, Modesto A. Maidique Campus- RB 208B Miami, Florida 33199. You may also obtain the application form by e-mailing jkugaz@fiu.edu or in person. You should use the code CIB in the application form.

Please note that online courses may require a proctored midterm and/or final exam(s). Please review our Proctored Exam Instructions page for further information. 

Note: Students wishing to participate in more than one certificate program MAY NOT use the same course(s) to satisfy both program's requirements. Please contact us for more information about our dual program.

If you have specific questions about the program, contact Jessica Ugaz, either by phone: 305-348-2680, fax: 305-348-4245, or e-mail: jkugaz@fiu.edu.

Tuition & Aid

Pursuing your online education is one of the best investments you can make – one that will open doors to personal and professional opportunities. Our tuition costs represent some of the best value in higher education, and we also offer financial aid support you need to reach your goals.

Students enrolled in an online certificate program at FIU will not be charged many of the fees applicable to on-campus students, saving fully online students hundreds of dollars per semester. Please note fully online students do not have free access to FIU’s on-campus resources such as: computer labs, sporting events, recreational facilities, parking, etc.

Please note: On-campus students pay regular tuition costs and fees. For more information visit Costs & Aid.

Florida Residents

Florida residents enrolled in this online certificate program pay standard university tuition ($155.61 per credit hour), a Student Financial Aid Fee ($5.16 per credit hour), as well as the Distance Learning Fee ($53.33 per credit hour). The total cost (tuition plus fees) for a 3-credit course is $642.31.

Non-Florida Residents

Non-Florida residents pay a flat rate of $333 per credit, which is $999 per 3-credit course. This special discounted tuition for this online certificate program saves non-Florida residents over $1000 per 3 credit course when compared to non-Florida resident students taking online courses outside of this program. Apply now to take advantage of this special rate.

@ A Glance

27Credits Required

$15561/ $33300
Tuition per Credit
  • Fully online certificate