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FIU's online Master of Science in Engineering Management offers a fast-track to engineering leadership by developing managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology. With FIU's fully online program, you can advance your engineering career with our flexible program that combines technical, law, and business courses.

Graduates of this program will learn the broad knowledge and skills required to successfully manage and lead today's organizations.

The Information Technology Track includes courses on information management geared toward optimizing enterprise systems. Students will learn the principles of computer systems including security, software, data modeling, and management systems. The program also offers instruction on communications and networking technology as well as data representation and modeling. Learn about the newest technology applications in information technology. Graduates will be able to apply research, analysis and best practice skills to an ever-growing field and will benefit from additional coursework that readies them for careers with multinational, global organizations.

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  • Why Apply?

    Engineers with the right blend of technical and management skills are among the most sought-after professionals in the field. The rapid pace of technology and new disruptors continue to shape whole industries in ways to make processes easier and more efficient. The Master of Science in Engineering Management, with a focus on Information Technology answers the call for more professionals to help streamline the flow of data, systems and operations to make businesses more profitable.

    Graduates of the program will be able to pursue management positions in a wide range of functions, including product design, development and innovation, R&D, engineering management, general management, operations, project management, IT, software development, marketing and sales. In addition to logistics, trade and supply chain management, graduates can pursue careers in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, information systems, telecommunications and energy.

    Industry Statistics

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, employment for logistics engineers is expected to grow by 22 percent through 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth will be driven by the vital role logistics plays in the transportation of goods in a global economy. As supply and distribution systems become increasingly complex, employment for logistics engineers is expected to grow rapidly as companies look for managers with business and technical expertise to manage the entire product lifecycle — from operations to costs to scheduling to transportation.

    In 2012, the median annual wages for information security analysts was $72,780, with the top 10 percent — those with the most experience and advance training — earning more than $112,100 (Occupational Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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  • Courses

    Program Curriculum

    The Master of Science in Engineering Management online program consists of three semesters. Students enroll in 4 courses (12 credits) each semester.  During the Fall and Spring, students will enroll in four 16-week courses. During the Summer, students will enroll in two 12-week courses. A total of 30 credit hours, including three components: the Engineering Management Core Courses (nine semester hours), Business Electives (nine semester hours) and Information Technology Track (12 semester hours). Up to six semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred into the master’s program.

    Elective Courses

    Students in the Engineering Management program are required to take 3 courses (9 credit hours) to build an engineering management core foundation that includes topics in engineering quality management, systems improvement, engineering project management, intellectual property issues, and business laws. The 3 core courses are:

    EIN 5226 Total Quality Management for Engineers Fundamentals of TQM and its historical development. Integration of QC and management tools, QFD, benchmarking, experimental design for scientific management.

    ESI 6455 Advanced Engineering Project Management This course covers entire phases of project management including selection, planning, budgeting, scheduling, monitoring, and control. It focuses on the management of engineering projects through case studies and independent research assignment.

    LAW 5072 Business Law and Intellectual Property for Engineers and Entrepreneurs Focused on the formation, governance, operation, and legal protection of businesses. Coverage includes contracts, malpractice, products liability, employment law, and intellectual property law.

    Business Elective Courses

    Students in the program are required to take 3 courses (9 credit hours) to gain fundamental knowledge about management functions that includes topics in accounting, finance, organizational behavior, leadership, marketing, and operations management. The suggested list of courses is given below:

    ACG 6026 Accounting for Managers Presentation of the nature, techniques and uses of accounting from the perspective of people who manage businesses and investments in businesses. Covers both financial and management accounting.

    FIN 6406 Corporate Finance In-depth examination of asset, liability and capital structure management, with emphasis on valuation capital budgeting techniques; risk evaluation; working capital management; and methods of short-term, intermediate and long-term financing.

    MAN 6209 Organization Design and Behavior Covers how managers interact with organizations to accomplish complex tasks by examining how strategy, structure and systems interact with behavioral variables.

    MAN 6830 Organization Information Systems Introduction to information systems and their role in organizations from a user’s viewpoint. Survey and application of the basic concepts necessary for understanding information systems. Study of the main activities in the development cycle used to acquire formation systems capability.

    MAR 6805 Marketing Management in a Global Environment Analysis and application of theory and problem solving for marketing management in the global environment. Emphasis will be on the role of marketing in the organization; planning the marketing effort; management of the marketing organization; control of marketing operations; and evaluation of the marketing contribution.

    MAN 6501 Operations Management This course covers analysis, design, and operations of organizational systems. The systems approach is used to provide a framework or general model of analysis, to which specific concepts, quantitative techniques, and tools can be related. The material presented has application to any organization of people and machines, including hospitals, governmental agencies, service organizations, and industrial concerns.

    EIN 5359 Industrial Financial Decisions The use of financial techniques and data in planning, controlling and coordinating industrial activities. This course will familiarize the student with accounting concepts and analytical methods.

    Information Technology Track Courses

    Information Technology Track Students are required to take four courses from the following list.

    Additional courses may be selected with approval of the program director.

    CIS 5027            Computer Systems Fundamentals 3   

    CIS 5372            Fundamentals of Computer Security 3                       

    CEN 5087          Software and Data Modeling            3                 

    COP 5725         Principles of Database Management Systems 3            

    TCN 5030          Computer Communications and Networking Technology 3       

    EGS 5620          Enterprise Systems Configuration 3                                              

    EGS 5621          Enterprise Systems Collaboration 3                                                                 

    EGS 5622          Enterprise Systems Integration   3                                                            

    EGS 5623          Enterprise Systems Optimization   3                 

    EIN 6117           Advanced Industrial Information Systems 3              

    ESI 5602           Engineering Data Representation and Modeling 3         

    ESI 6601           Data Warehousing and Mining 3                                                         

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  • Requirements

    Admissions Requirements

    The following must be submitted:

    • Online master's programs application ($30).
    • Official transcripts -- All applicants must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities. Transcripts must be submitted in sealed envelopes directly from the respective institutions. A four-year bachelor degree from an accredited institution as well as a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required.
    • Proof of Degree -- Submit official proof of degree: a notarized copy of the original diploma is required if the degree is not posted on the official transcripts.
    • GRE Test Scores -- Not required.
    • Recommendation letters -- Submit two letters of recommendation to support the application
    • An essay describing your professional goals and reasons for pursuing a master's degree at FIU.
    • Résumé -- Current and detailed.

    Only those applicants who have submitted complete application packets will be considered. Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admissions.

    Letters and any other supporting documents are to be sent to:

    FIU Graduate Admissions Office
    11200 SW 8th Street
    BT 201 Miami, FL 33199


    International Students

    • Proof of English Language Proficiency. If you earned a bachelor degree in a country whose official language is not English, you must demonstrate English language proficiency by earning a passing score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). TOEFL required minimum score: 550 (paper-based exam) or 80 (internet-based). IELTS required minimum score: 6.5. When requesting official scores, please refer to FIU Institution code 5206. TOEFL / IELTS scores are valid for two years. View list of TOEFL/IELTS-exempt countries.

    • Official Transcripts Translation. If official transcripts are not in English, a second copy of the transcript must be requested for translation by an official translation agency. Both the official translation, as well as the original transcripts, must be submitted to FIU.

    • Certified Copy of Diploma if you obtained your degree at a foreign institution.

    Note to international students: I-20s or F-1 transfers will not be issued since it is an online program.

    Official transcripts/translations must be submitted directly by the respective institution(s) in electronic format or mailed in a sealed institution envelope to:

    FIU Online
    Florida International University
    11200 SW 8th Street, MANGO 540
    Miami, FL 33199
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  • Tuition

    Pursuing your graduate degree is one of the best investments you can make – one that will open doors to personal and professional opportunities. Our tuition costs represent some of the best value in higher education, and we also offer financial aid support to help you reach your goals.

    The total cost of the online Engineering Management program is $25,000 for Florida residents and non-Florida residents. Students pay for courses at the beginning of each semester. All fees are subject to change.

    FIU Online Academic Merit Scholarship: $2,500

    FIU Online awards scholarships acknowledging academic achievement to students in select online graduate programs who exhibit strong academic credentials upon admission.  Applicant must meet all of the following criteria to be considered:

    • Meet all requirements for admission into the applicable online graduate program.
    • Submit application for admission into the online program as well as all application supporting documents. 
    • 3.25 GPA in upper-division undergraduate coursework.
    • Submit a scholarship application.  Deadlines vary by term.

     Note: meeting any or all of the above requirements does not guarantee receipt of a scholarship. Scholarship will be applied in equal disbursements over each semester.

    To apply for this academic scholarship, please contact an enrollment advisor by calling (305) 348-3125 or emailing onlineprograms@fiu.edu.  Scholarship amounts are subject to change.

    Academic Works

    FIU offers Academic Works, a website that matches students with relevant scholarship opportunities.  Find the one that’s right for you!  Academic Works is an online scholarship application tool where FIU students can browse and apply for more than 100 scholarships, made possible by the generosity of FIU alumni and friends.  Students can apply after they are matriculated into one of our programs.  For more information visit https://give.fiu.edu/business-governance/scholarships/.

    Other Resources

    There are other third party resources that prospective students can access while researching on how to pay for school.  Below are various links that provide more information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities:

    Federal Financial Aid

    For information on Federal Financial Aid and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please visit our financial aid page.

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  • Top Faculty

    Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized scholars, exercising leadership roles in professional associations/organizations and editing some of leading journals in their fields.

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30 Credits Required


$25,000.00 Tuition Cost


  • Flexible Enrollment
  • Customized, state-of-the-art applied management curriculum
  • Distinguished faculty experts
  • Specialized Information Technology track
  • Program starts: Fall, Spring and Summer
  • #41 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs (U.S. News and World Report’s Best Online Program Ranking)
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