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Determine if you are ready for online courses

Are you ready for online learning?

To succeed in an online learning environment, students should possess basic technical and academic skills, as well as good organizational and time management skills. Students should also be willing to devote at least 6-8 hours a week to each online course.

We want you to succeed in the online environment. The following quiz will help you understand your learning style and where you are in relation to what an online course demands of you.

Computer Skills
Yes No
Are you fairly good at using the computer?
Are you comfortable surfing the internet?
Are you comfortable conducting searches, setting bookmarks, and downloading files?
Are you comfortable installing software on your computer?
Online Learning
Yes No
Are you interested in online courses because of your personal and/or work schedule?
Is it difficult for you to attend classes in person?
Do you have access to a computer where you can take quizzes and exams?
Do you have a quiet environment where you can complete your coursework?
Learning Style:
Yes No
Are you able to learn from things you hear, such as lectures, audio recordings or podcasts?
Are you willing to ask questions and seek help when necessary?
Are you comfortable learning new computer skills?
Are you comfortable reading a lot of text on the computer?
Academic Style:
Yes No
Are you resourceful and self-motivated to solve problems?
Are you able to work independently?
Do you complete assignments ahead of time?
Are you willing to use email and other online tools to collaborate with your classmates and instructor?
Are you able to communicate effectively in writing?

Evaluating Your Score:

Your score for these questions:
out of 17