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All online courses at FIU Online are required to have a syllabus. The syllabus:

  • Serves as a contract between the instructor and the student that details what is expected (e.g., communication, grades, late work policy, engagement, textbook, etc.)
  • Provides the student with an overall structure of the course (e.g., how the course is organized, the number of assignments and tests, etc.)
  • Identifies a schedule that includes due dates

We have provided a syllabus template that was specifically created for online course delivery. This online course syllabus template contains specific information that is slightly different than your traditional face-to-face syllabus. Please provide your instructional designer with your syllabus well in advance of your course start date, as it serves as the basis for the design and development of your online course.

You can refer to our syllabus template example and editable syllabus template. Contact your instructional designer if you have questions or concerns.

For more information about designing an effective syllabus, check out these excellent resources:

FIU Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning     





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