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The Academy of Leaders (AOL) is a leadership development certification program for students developed by The Center for Leadership and Service.

AOL Online is designed to help students enhance their leadership skills in a more engaging way than typical classes. It begins with having students explore who they are as a leader by discovering their MBTI type. Following that, students will work through modules designed to cultivate their leadership skills by following "The Leadership Challenge" model.

Through videos, case studies, activities, readings, and reflections, students will explore the five practices that define exemplary leadership:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Challenge the process
  • Enable others to act
  • Encourage the heart

AOL Online is a self-paced, non-credit Canvas workshop that is offered in the Fall and Spring for fully online students. Students who take classes on either campus and who are interested in the Academy of Leaders should contact the Center for Leadership and Service for more information.

Registration for the AOL Online workshop for Fall 2021 is now open. The workshop will be available to students on Monday, August 23, on Canvas. If you register on or after August 23, please allow 24 hours for the workshop to appear in your Canvas Dashboard. AOL Online is designed for fully online students only. By clicking on the register button below, you will be enrolling in the AOL Online Workshop.






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