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Tanisha Jean Jacques, Master of Health Services Administration, 2022

by Monica Smith

Dec 08, 2022, 11:00 AM.

A graduate student working in health care gains the tools to be a leader and handle complex cases with critical thinking and research.
Tanisha Jean Jacques
Tanisha Jean Jacques

Tanisha Jean Jacques knows that she wants to move into an administrative position. Currently employed as at a children’s hospital, she decided to take the plunge and immerse herself in FIU’s 100% online Master of Health Services Administration. The one thing that drives her is helping others. Nothing gives her more pleasure than helping families and their loved ones through their health care situations. For Jean Jacques, the online modality works best for her schedule—she can work and study to achieve her degree, she says.

In the following Q&A interview, Jean Jacques shares what it has been like in her program and discloses what she’s learned and how it has made her a better professional.

When do you graduate?

I graduate in December 2022. 

Where do you work now? What do you do?

I work for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children as a senior front office assistant.

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class has been HSA 6759 Qual Assessment, I truly enjoyed this class because I was able to analyze the various aspects of quality and quantity assessment from multiple perspectives (patient, provider, etc.). Quality in health care stems from an array of things and being able to dive in to all those things enhance my knowledge and contributes to the type of health care professional I plan to be.

What immediately applicable skills have you learned?

Some applicable skills that I have learned are that I am now capable of critical thinking and analysis of complex health care issues and can utilize my knowledge to creatively problem-solve. Additionally, I now possess critical research and enquiry skills.

How does your degree help you in your work?

My degree has helped me tremendously as it has provided me with knowledge on the ins and outs of what health care services administration consists of and the tools necessary to someday be a great leader. It has expanded my thought processes and problem-solving skills.

Why did you decide to study this area and choose this program?

I decided to study this area because I love working in health care, and this area allows me to make a difference in the patient experience in an indirect manner more on the administrative aspects. I chose this program because it aligns with my individual learning style and provided me with a great option (fully online) to obtain a graduate degree.

What is one thing you learned that you will not forget?

I learned the importance of collaborative work. This program emphasized on the whole concept of “teamwork makes the dream work,” which is essential in running a successful healthcare organization. It was a great experience working with my peers as we were able to learn from each other and gain additional perspectives and insights.

Would you recommend this program to other students?

Yes, I would totally recommend this program! 

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