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Brittany Boothe, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications, 2022

by Monica Smith

Dec 14, 2022, 12:30 PM.

A student who provides ongoing care for her grandmother recounts her educational experience as she prepares to graduate and pursue her career.


Brittany Boothe
Brittany Boothe
Family is everything to Brittany Boothe. When she needed extra encouragement to persevere in her studies, her grandmother was there to give her a boost. As her grandmother’s caregiver, Boothe’s online courses in her Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications program offered her the flexibility to be there for any needs. As she relishes her graduation moment, she is proud of her accomplishments and looks forward to acquiring the job she’s prepared for the last few years in her major.


In the following, Boothe offers her take on what it was like as a student in the Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications program and reflects on the things she gained from her educational experience.

When do you graduate?

I will be graduating from the PRACC program on Dec. 13.

Where do you work now? What do you do?

Currently, I am not working while going to school. I am actively seeking a job that is in accordance with my degree. When I am not fully focused on school, I am a caregiver to my grandmother.

What was your favorite class and why?

While I have enjoyed all my classes at FIU, my favorite has to be Professor Eva Gasson’s Fundamentals of Written and Visual Communication course. This was my first class with Professor Gasson. She is a great professor who truly cares about her students. This class, I feel, gave me the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of advertising and public relations with the assignments that were provided. With each assignment from creating a magazine spread to a press release and more, I feel that when I walked away from that class that I was provided with the tools needed to succeed in my future endeavors.

What immediately applicable skills have you learned?

During my time at FIU, I have learned many immediately applicable skills. In my first semester, I learned how to create and design websites, which has helped me currently with designing a photography website for a friend. I have also been able to learn how to create advertisements, both in written and video format. Each semester has provided me with other tools outside of the creation aspect. I learned how to become a better leader by dealing with conflict management, running social media accounts properly, working not only in a group, but also independently better.

How do you see your degree helping you in the future?

My degree will help me in the future by helping to gain better employment, as well as the tools to succeed in many fields aside from just the ones in the PRACC title. Ultimately, FIU has set me up with my degree to succeed for many years to come.

Why did you decide to study this area and choose this program?

Prior to attending FIU, my minor was PR and during a class for that minor, I had the privilege of sitting in on a zoom call with Justin Bishop, a videographer from California who had worked with a few creators I had watched. He mentioned in that call about how you should be passionate about what you’re doing and creating. My goal in life has always been to impact people in a positive way. Therefore, I started creating fan content and eventually realized my love for it and began looking into programs that fit more toward social media and content creating. Eventually, I landed at FIU, and I have never thought about changing again.

What is something you learned that you didn’t expect?

One of the most surprising things I learned was how to design and launch a website. I had never done this before and so it challenged me beyond what I had ever done. While I learned many things, most importantly I learned how to have faith in myself. There were times I thought I was going to have to stop, but I persevered because of my professors, my grandmother, and friends, I kept going and realized my ultimate potential.

Would you recommend this program to other students?

I would recommend this program to any future students who have a passion for social media and digital creation. If you are looking for a school with professors who have a passion for teaching and watching students succeed, this program and school is for you.

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