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Ania Kerr, Bachelor of Health Services Administration, 2022

by Monica Smith

Jul 22, 2022, 2:00 PM.

A student view on how her coursework has helped her learn communication skills in patient treatment and understand liabilities and assets in healthcare manufacturing.
Ania Kerr
Ania Kerr

For Ania Kerr, an experience in an elementary school spurred her interest in a healthcare career. She, however, knew that she did not want to be a clinical professional. In seeking a career that will help those who need better health services, Kerr found an affordable degree option and began her journey with FIU as an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Services Administration online degree program. In this up-close-and-personal interview, Kerr shares what it’s been like in her program.

When will you graduate from the Bachelor of Health Services Administration program?

I am graduating from the BHSA program in August of 2022!  

Where do you work now? What do you do?

I am currently working at Medline Industries in Northfield for this summer. Medline is a global manufacturer and distributor serving the healthcare industry with medical supplies and clinical solutions that help customers achieve clinical and financial success. I am a product manager intern for Proxima, which creates surgical gowns and drapes. As a product manager intern, I am exposed to all business areas, including product development, marketing, global sourcing, and many other concepts. In addition, as an intern, I am currently conducting market research on our small competitor drapes and assisting in developing and executing marketing strategies. 

Why did you decide to study health services administration and choose FIU's program?

I decided to study health services administration because I used to volunteer at Parkway Elementary school during my senior year. Unfortunately, one of the students ended up passing away from a treatable infection, which motivated me to apply for the HSA program. I always knew I didn't want to be on the clinical side of healthcare, so HSA was the perfect fit for me. I chose FIU's program because it was affordable, and I felt that their curriculum for this program was exciting and would help me build a foundation in Health Services Administration. 

What was your favorite class, and why?

I would have to say my favorite class was Communication Theory and Practice for Health Professions which Professor Maria Alvarez taught. Her course was my favorite class because I learned so much about communication and how to treat patients concerning how you treat them. 

What immediately applicable skills did you learn?

The applicable skills I've learned while in this program are how to interact with people with different perspectives and better communication skills. In addition, my understanding of public health has increased tremendously. 

How does your degree help you in your work?

My degree helps me in the work that I do now because when concepts related to the business are brought up, I can make connections to my courses. For instance, I am currently interning in healthcare manufacturing, and sometimes they'll mention the liabilities or assets of the company. My financial accounting courses have helped me tremendously in this internship.

What did you learn that you didn't expect?

I've learned how significant health policy is concerning health services administration. Before this program, I only thought I would learn about the healthcare system's business side. But, I've realized that policy plays a massive role in our healthcare system today, and it has shown me how wide-range my field is. 

Would you recommend the BHSA program to other students?

Yes, this program was one of the best decisions I made!

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