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Proctored Exam Instructions

Please note that online courses may require a proctored exam(s). A proctored exam is any exam that is administered by an individual who supervises the student while he or she is taking the exam, including but not limited to exams that are held on-campus and/or virtually proctored. In order to determine whether a course requires a proctored exam(s), check the syllabus upon gaining access to the course. If a determination cannot be made from the syllabus, contact the professor immediately. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the exam dates, times and locations to make appropriate arrangements. 

Students cannot be required to take a proctored exam on-campus, regardless of their place of residence. 

Students who choose not to come to campus to take proctored exam(s) must notify the professor of their decision to take the exam at a proctoring center, or a virtual proctoring service before the add/drop period ends. Students can visit the National College Testing Association or register with FIU’s recommended virtual proctoring center, ProctorU. (Note: All locations must be approved by your professor)

Students who choose not to come to campus to take proctored exam(s) have two options:

Option A: Take the exam via ProctorU 

ProctorU is a virtual proctoring center recommended by FIU that allows students to take exams from any comfortable and private location. Please note that should a student need to take an assessment at a location other than their home or a private room, the student will need to gain prior approval from the professor. ProctorU connects students to a real person who can be seen and heard. This person will walk students through the exam process and provide assistance in the event that the student should run into any technical problems. 

Review the Student Handout Instructions and the Getting Started page for information on how to successfully register with ProctorU. 

Students who choose ProctorU will be responsible for:

ProctorU Frequently Asked Questions page 

ProctorU FAQ: About Privacy page

Option B: Take the exam at a local proctoring center 

Students have the option of finding a proctoring center in their area to administer the exam for them. Once a proctoring center has been identified, complete the Proctoring Center Agreement Form. Submit this form to the professor for approval. 

Students who choose a Proctoring Center must complete the following: