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Online courses may work for you, but you may need to make a few adjustments in your study habits and planning in order to succeed.

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Points for you to consider as a potential Online Learning student:
  • Some students prefer the greater independence of online learning; others find it uncomfortable.
  • Online learning courses give you greater flexibility in your schedule, but they also require more self-discipline.
  • Online Courses are not the same as distance learning courses.
  • Most online courses do require you to interact with your classmates and the professor on a regular basis.
  • Some people learn best by personally interacting with other students, but online courses do not afford as much opportunity for this type of interaction.
  • Online learning courses require you to work mostly from written directions, without face-to-face explanations by the instructor.
  • Online courses require at least as much time as you would put in when attending classes and completing assignments for on-campus courses.
  • Online courses use technology for teaching and communication. You will need to be comfortable with such computer techniques as uploading and downloading your assignments.
  • Text-based materials are the primary source of directions and information in many online learning courses. Some online courses require occasional trips to campus for orientation and on-campus exams.