The State of Our National Health Care Law

Dr. Marrero will be discussing the state of our current healthcare law as it relates to the Affordable Care Act and new bills being introduced. She will discuss some of the identified issues with the current Affordable Care act and how the introduced bills tried to address the issues. During the current legislative session over 2,700 bills have been introduced in Congress to “repeal the Affordable Care Act”. Dr. Marrero will discuss the nature of these bills and what will be required to get them passed.

Topics such as this are discussed in length within the online Master of Health Services Administration program at FIU's College of Nursing and Health Services.


More about Dr. Yamile Marrero:

Ms. Marrero has been practicing Florida civil law attorney for 30 years working with, representing and creating legislation at the city, county and state levels as well as working with non-profit agencies and charitable organizations. Ms. Marrero has been teaching in the areas of public health, health law, communications, ethics and policy, wellness and health sciences at the graduate and undergraduate level for ten years. Ms. Marrero has and is involved in health science from the perspectives of academia, researcher and operations for over fifteen years.

The Master of Health Services Administration highlights: