Strategic internal and external communications for successful crisis management.

When crisis strikes your organization or client, very often the first thought goes to, "What do I tell my audience?" For many, audience means "the people out there." But it is key to remember that your internal audience is as important as the external stakeholders who are engaged with your organization. Comprehensive and thoughtful communication plans should take the internal audience into account, knowing that these individuals can be some of the strongest ambassadors for your brand.

In this webinar, two Florida International University faculty members will address the importance of a fully integrated communications plan from the perspective of the internal and external audience and the messaging that functions for each segment.


More about Aileen Izquierdo and Raquel Perez:

Aileen Izquierdo and Raquel Perez are members of the faculty in Florida International University’s School of Communication and Journalism. Each with more than two decades of experience in the communication and leadership fields, Izquierdo and Perez teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels and are part of the Global Strategic Communications master’s degree program.

Izquierdo is a two time alumna of FIU and its public relations program, earning a master’s degree in advertising and public relations. Perez earned her master’s degree and Ph.D. (ABD) in conflict analysis and resolution from Nova Southeastern University.

Dedicated to furthering the education of the communication leaders of tomorrow, Izquierdo and Perez are involved in professional and educational projects that further the global communications field.

The Master of Health Services Administration highlights: