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GI Bill Information

Undergraduate GI Bill Information

Payment is based on the number of credits you are taking:

The GI Bill will allow you to attend more than one college at a time, as long as the classes at both institutions count towards your degree, and the school granting your degree accepts the classes at the second school as part of your degree requirements. If you would like to take classes at another institution to transfer back to FIU contact the FIU Veteran and Military Affairs Office.

The GI Bill will not pay you to take the same classes twice unless you receive a failing grade in a class that is a graduation requirement. Audited classes and zero-credit classes are not eligible to be paid by the G.I. Bill even if they are required.

Graduate GI Bill Information

The Office of Veterans Affairs assists all veterans and their dependents who wish to receive VA educational benefits. The Office also provides personal counseling, fee deferments, tutorial assistance, and work-study jobs. Veterans who are planning to attend the University should contact the Veteran and Military Affairs office prior to the date of entry. Such time is required to expedite the processing of paperwork for educational allowances from the Veterans Administration.

Fall/Spring Semesters Credit Hours

Full time

9 Credits

3/4 time

7 Credits

Half time

5 Credits

Less than half time

4 Credits


Summer A,B and dynamically dated courses within a semester 

Credit Hours

Full time dated courses

6 Credits

3/4 time

4-5 Credits

Half time

3 Credits

Less than half time

2 Credits

Note that audited credits and zero credit courses, even if it is a requirement, do not count toward training status definitions and are unable to be authorized for payment.

For additional information regarding Veterans educational programs, visit Veteran and Military Affairs or contact the office directly at Modesto A. Maidique Campus: VA/TWR, 305-348-2838; or veterans@fiu.edu.